February Beauty Haul

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hi girls !
This month flew by so fast and I'm a bit excited for upcoming spring. There seem to be a lot of new launches before spring, so I got spoilt with some products. I'm not trying to brag but I just want to let you know what I received, so if you want a review or you're just a bit interested in proucts. Also I shopped a bit - not too much. Still thinking about buying more seasonal Lush products - they're just so cute and delicious smelling !

What I bought

Deborah Face Perfect Primer (mattifying t-zone face primer)
This is a funny primer. It's really silicone based, but what happened is that I had it in a makeup bag and then it shifted and the whole product inside is shaped like the tip of the packaging. It's literaly a really thick texture, almost with no water. It's nice though.

Deborah Radiance Creator Concealer
Maybe I'll do a bit of comparison with a YSL Touche Eclat. It's quite a similar concept !

Alverde Color & Care Mix Your Make-up - Hell
Finally something like this is available in Slovenia. This is a really light liquid which you mix with a foundation that is too dark for you. It totally works and I'm really happy that I bought it ! Though I'm not sure how it would work with really dark foundations.

Duchesse Intimate Wipes
Duchesse Cosmetics Pads

PR products

L'oreal False Lash Superstar mascara & Super Liner Superstar

Bocassy Micellar Water & Tonic
I was obsessing over their Serum and was happy to receive these two !
Meze - Shampoo for oily scalp

Afrodita Cosmetics - Bouquet of flowers gift set
This was such a lovely surprise from Afrodita <3
Lierac & Phyto goodies from Mediforma
Eucerin Lip Repair Lip Balm
I love it when company doesn't just send a product but also puts in effort to add something cute or themed - cute candle right ?

Avon Sweet Sensuality Bath Elixir & Colortrend Lipstick
This bath stuff smells really nice ! When I use up one which they send me quite some time ago, I'll try this one.

p.s. na blogu pravkar potega nagradna igra za Meze - šampon za suhe in poškodovane lase 

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  1. O, carsko končno dobra slika da vidim tale Alverde produkt. Sem ga držala v roki, pa nisem vedela če je taprav, malo smotano etiketo ima in nisem videla za kaj točno je.

    Kulsko, moram nabavit!

    1. Rabiš tole ! :D Jaz mislim, da ga bom kr hitro porabla :3 #palegirlproblems

  2. Super, ta mesec je bilo pa manj? :D Pridna. Tiste Phyto zadeve me ful zanimajo.

    1. Ja, veliko manj :) Od ličil, samo 3 izdelki. Ampak sem zdaj marca precej zapravljala, mogla malo izkoristit te kupončke v DM :3 .. To pa še nič ne vem kdaj mi bo uspelo Phyto izdelke spravit na blog.