MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow vs. Dupes ?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello !
Today I'm going to show you this pretty eyeshadow. When I was at the store a bit more than a year ago, browsing through MAC Cosmetics, I was feeling a bit spendy and really wanted to try an eyeshadow. I looked a bit through all the eyeshadows that were pretty and decided on this famous: Satin Taupe shade. I've always wanted to try this one because I really like taupe shades. Also I feel like they suit my green eyes. Then I discovered I have some cheaper versions in my collection but still wanted to show you why I love this particular MAC shade. Color called taupe is: "known as beige-brown, is a dark tan color in-between brown and gray".

L to R:
Mac - Satin Taupe
Wet'n' wild - Silent Treatment
Essence - All about Roses eye shadow palette (third shade in first row)

MAC Satin Taupe:

- great pigmentation, however the texture feels a bit hard, so I need to dip in the brush quite nicely (after some time the eye shadow started to soften up, but I'm still now sure whether I got a "failed" one)
- no fall-out
- awesome blendability: you can just swipe the eyeshadow on the eye without much help
- great taupe shade with a slight satin finish which on the eyelids looks a bit metallic with a slight purple undertone - great for green eyes (on my eyelids here)
- price: around 19€ (in Europe)


Wet 'n' wild (Silent Treatment eye shadow palette):

- great pigmentaton
- quite a lot of fall-out (without tapping away the excess, your under eye area might look a bit like a panda)
- nice blendability
- on the eye lids it looks lighter, but it's still a  great everyday taupe shade
- around 4-5€ (depends where you buy it online - an option)

Essence (all about Roses eye shadow palette):

- very nice pigmentation
- some fall-out
- blends okay
- taupe shade with a bit of shimmer which doesn't really appear on the eyes
- longevity is still great
- price: 4,39€ (for the whole palette)


I believe there are quite a lot of dupes for this oh-so-famous Satin Tupe shade. Despite that, it still is quite unique due to it's beautiful satin finish which makes your eye color pop. I do think it looks far better in reality than on the picture. Though, I think: if I bought two MAC eye shadows, I could've already buy a great high-end eye shadow palette, but am not that into buying eye shadows either. Other than that I do have to say that I enjoy the rest of eye palettes and have to mention that this palette by Essence: All about Roses is quite great (nice pigmentation and array of shades).

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