Favorite Products of 2015: Skincare, Hair, Body & Other

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hi girls !
Here is a second part of my 2015 favorites. I've struggled to find enough skincare and body products because most of this year I focused on using up older products but for body I stuck to some of my old but gold products.


At the begining of the year I bought this Lush Ocean Salt face scrub on sale. By that time I haven't yet tried a lot of Lush skincare, so I didn't know what I would expect. You can read my review here, however I can say it is really good. It can be harsh on a bit more sensitive skin, however if you use it in moderation it can be a winner. It really is effective: scrubs away all the dead skin while leaving it really soft and not dried out due to containing coconut oil and avocado butter. The product on the picture is of course already empty.

As for a light-weight cream in march I discovered Bocassy Serum. I was kindly asked to test it out and didn't expect much from it. It contains some great igredients, such as: olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, but also is full of vitamins: A, E, B5. Because my skin is quite oily I like hydrating it with light-weight creams or in this case a serum. It really does make me feel like my skin is nicely hydrated without feeling oily. You can read a review here.

Then in April at the event I discovered Vichy Skin Sleep. None of the night creams wowed me before. This one is totally different. After putting it on my skin at night, it literaly looks more awaken in the morning. The gel-like texture allows it to sink into the skin nicely. In the morning my skin feels nicely hydrated, healthy looking and quite soft. I just love the feeling of it.


This year I've tried many hair products which I normally wouldn't because I'm really skeptic about putting any product onto my hair which is already prone to grease easily. First of all I love dry shampoos because they literally save my day. I can go on without having to wash my day for another day which is so important for me. I usually wash it every two days. So, I tested out Bedhead by Tigi - Oh beehive! dry shampoo which smells amazing: sweet, a bit coconuty but mostly it's great because it doesn't leave any white powder. You just spray it in and can leave the house right away. Sadly it's quite expensive.

And then we have an interesting shampoo: Lush - Jumping Juniper which is in a solid form. For all of you sceptics out there: this shampoo lasts up to 100 washes and is really easy to use: just rub it onto your wet hair twice or thrice. I have to say that it cleans my hair very well, however it's a bit drying on the ends which I nourish then with some conditioner. Sadly you can now only get this particular one only online - weird, I know ! Also I have to mention one shampoo which is not on the picture: Lush - I love juicy: amazing scent but also nicely cleansing ! Still a solid shampoo is great for traveling.


One brand that I finally got to try out was Rituals. It always intrigued me because of the beauty bloggers but at the same time the products sounded really spa-like and nice. I was really pleased with foaming shower gel since it literally looks like shaving cream but it feels so soft and cleansing on the skin while the smell gets you into better or relaxed mood. I hope the stock in my drawers would minimize as I really want to try more from this brand. Take a peek at a review here.

Another gem is from Afrodita Cosmetics. Their Hyaluron line is really nice. Yes, I've started trying it in 2014 but I've been mostly loving it this year. This body milk is just perfect. Has a nice gentle smell and absorbs into the skin instantly, so I love using it after I shower.

And last two items are from The Body Shop. I've liked quite a lot of their products, such as: body butter, sugar scrubs and their Christmas scent: Frosted Cranberry. I decided on hand cream because it is nice for most of the year since it absorbs into the skin so well, however this Strawberry scent is just amazing ! Fresh strawberries all year around. It's not the most hydrating hand cream though.

The last item is White Musk Perfume (EDT). I have bought some perfumes this year, however some were a LE and this TBS one is really something different. It has a powdery scent, reminding me a bit of a fabric softener. Such a light, feminine scent.

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  1. Jaaaa, hyaluron je definitivno najbolj top losjon, tok sem ga hitro porabila, res mi je bil všeč :) <3

    1. jaz pa očitno malo šparam z najljubšimi izdelki haha :D

  2. eh jst si ta losion od Afrodite že eno leto kupujem:) drgače pa super izdelki, Ocean Salt bo upam, da kmalu pri meni:)