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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hi girls !
Today I decided to show you what I carry in my everyday bag. I rarely switch around my bags so this stays in my main bag all the time. Maybe I carry too much around but when you are in need of something, it's better to be prepared.

To start of: sunglasses above are from H&M and I love them. I put them in a case from Pupa Milano because it's pretty and sturdy. And then of course I'm never leaving a house without keys which have a donut keychain on them.
Because I cannot stand having dry lips, I always have a lip balm (Labello - Repair & Care) & nude/moisturising lipstick (Essence - LE) with me to touch up. Also you gotta have some chewing gum. You can also call me handkerchief girl. If anyone needs it, I'm always there. It seems like not a lot of people carry these around but I like having them if anything happens and I just need one.
Then I also have this "pet hair" roller because my cat is mainly white and I like wearing black clothes, so I need one of these. And lastly on this picture: my wallet. It's a bit older now, but I cannot find a perfect sized wallet like this one anymore. It's from Accesorize and it's just perfect. Not too big and not too small. Plus it's pretty.

Next up is my striped cosmetics bag. It's well used and it carries all of those products (above) inside.
Firstly some pills (for headache or problems with belly acids) and eye drops because I wear contact lenses a lot. Then I have some makeup to touch up: a Wet n' wild powder which is pretty nice and it serves me well & also Bourjois healthy mix concealer to cover imperfections or touch up foundation. A comb comes in handy sometimes. Being a glasses wearer I always carry around a little cloth to clean glasses. 
Next up is a lovely Caudalie hand cream which is not greasy at all and it smells refreshingly of grapes. Also a nail file is a must, this tiny one is from Essence. I also carry around a small roller-ball perfume from Zara which smells fresh but a bit floral. Then to touch up I have a mirror from Green Line cosmetics. Also some pins and a hair bobble to keep my hair out of the way. And the last two things are: Mattifying Papers & Antibacterial wipesThat's kinda a lot, right ?

So, what else do you carry around in your bag ?

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  1. Sami super izdelki! Se jih nekaj (istih) nahaja tudi v moji torbici, ki je pa na žalost večino časa vrečka presenečenja x) xx

  2. O, ja matirni puder in pilica sta obvezna! <3