Empties #6 - samples edition

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another samples post :3 So let's see what I used up since last samples post ! I think I won't do these so often anymore. I use up so many samples, so I will try to just pick out the few that stood out to me :)

Bioderma Atoderm nourishing cream for body - I really didn't like the smell. It just reminded me of something medicinal & just that plain smell. It did moisturize my skin well, but it took ages to sink into.
Purchase: nope
Dr.Hauschka Rose Body Moisturizer- As I remember this one was like sort of orangey color. The main thing is that is smelled too much of roses :| I never knew before how much I hated that smell, but if you love rose scent this one would be for you ! All in all it was a decent body cream.
Purchase: hell no (dislike the scent)
Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera body lotion - I've had this for years (I know right-I should've thrown it away), but it always smelled the same, so I still used it up recently. I like putting it on my neck & this scent is just one of my all time favorite perfume scents. I liked it and if somebody gifted it to me again some time, I would love it.
re-Purchase: maybe
Eubos Sensitive body lotion - This lotion is quite liquidy but it does moisturize your skin well. I suffer from really dry skin on my legs & this helped me meanwhile :)
Purchase: nope (just because I love Lush - Dream Cream more, but I do recommend this product)
Nivea In-shower body milk (with shea butter) - I liked this scent & overall it was kinda better than the original one.
Purchase: nope (just because I really want that new cacao one !)

Melvita Extraordinary Rose water - this toner or water smelled just too much of roses :| so I hated the smell
Purchase: nope
Green Line Natural Clear cleansing cream + scrub + mask + antibacterial effect - This smelled like cucumbers I think :D It wasn't a bad face scrub, but I prefer the ones I already have
Purchase: nope
Anemarie Borlind Cleansing gel & Facial toner for mixed skin - I didn't like the smell, it was just too strong & I can't describe what it smelled like. But the cleansing gel was kind of nice :)
Purchase: nope
Decleor Hydra Floral face cream - this one had a bit of floral smell & it was kind of milky. I didn't like the smell and I thought it was nothing special
Purchase: nope
Decleor Aroma night face cream - this cream was kind of weird consistency but it smelled aromatic & it was totally appropriate for night time because it was relaxing, but I used it on my neck just because I don't want to try every single cream on my face & my skin is mixed/oily.
Purchase: nope
Bioderma Micellar solution for combination or oily skin - I was quite surprised how bad this one was. Yes, it took all my makeup off but it was anything special + it sting my eyes.
Purchase: nope
Lulu & Boo Organics: Safflower & Nettle face cream - This cream mattified my skin but it had a strong natural herb-like smell.
Purchase: nope

John Frieda Straight Ahead conditioner - This product was really nice. It smelled like a hair saloon :3. Also it did leave my hair straight !
Purchase: nope (I don't need it + I prefer some cheaper ones)

John Frieda Straight Ahead hair serum - So this was a weird product to try. It was clear but sticky & it left a lot of product in ma hair. Afterwards my hair was kinda sticky & greasy on the ends. I guess if you use this you should use a minimal amount or I would recommend it only for really dry hair.
Purchase: nope

Sophyto foaming cleanser - You san see the review here. But I have to say that te smell still didn't grew on me. It was a nice foaming cleanser but the smell - I just can't get over it.
Purchase: nope

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. tale in-shower testerčke sem jaz tudi imela in sem nameravala kupiti večjo različico, ko porabim svoje ostale 'klasične' losjone, ampak mene tudi že nekaj časa vleče verzija s kakavom. :)
    pa Biodermina micelarna je meni tudi malo dražila oči..sem pa imela dva testerčka in sem imela drugič oči zelo rdeče in pekoče, prvič pa samo malo.. no, skratka nič posebnega. :/ me pa vseeno zanima verzija za občutljivo kožo, ki jo vse hvalijo..

    1. joj ja, jaz mam tolk losjonov, da morem vse porabit, deluje pa samo 1 :) Tisti s kakavom tak dobro diši !
      Mene pa tale Bioderma micelarna za občutljivo kožo sploh ne mika :D

  2. Jaz obožujem izdelke, ki lepo dišijo. Zelo lepa objava.