NOTD: Silver !

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hi !
I know this week there haven't been any exciting posts, but I wanted to show you these nail stickers & tell you my opinion about them :P
I hope that in a few days I will manage to put up better post :P.
So, I wore these only for 2 two days because I went out clubbing and I totally managed to ruin my nails xD You'll see... I think if you don't do anything mayor they could last for 3 days. But they're easy to scratch.
Another thing I did wrong is that I streched them out too much when applying & then I filed my nails too much, so the tips of the nails were already a bit bare. I've used stickers like that before, but was my first time using silver ones so now I know how to do it next time.

And after more than 24 hrs (keep in mind that I went out that night :P) :

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  1. Jaz ne prenašam teh nalepk, preveč sem nerodna, da bi jih se mi strgajo, ovijejo, nimam dovolj mirne roke, potem sem si zadnjič pol nohta stran odrezala...

    1. meni so pa ful fajn, pa na vem kaj ti počneš :P

  2. Jaz ponavadi dam nadlak čez njih, da dlje zdržijo (ne vem, če si ga ti tudi, ker nisi nič napisala). :) So mi pa te srebrne zelo lepe. :)

    1. jaz ponavadi ne dam nadlaka, tud to je problem ja :P sem drugač kr pozabla ^^