5 songs I've been playing on repeat lately

Monday, February 16, 2015

I thought I'd do something different on my blog. In the end, beauty isn't only concentrated on products which beautify your appearance. Beauty is in everything you do, the air you breathe, the nature you enjoy in and to me it is also in the music. As I'm obsessed with it, I listen to it probably at least 5 hours per day. I wouldn't say I have a great taste, I just like what I listen to, whether it is a certain beat or a melody that is stuck in my head. Beware I do mostly listen to electronic music and stuff like that.

These are 5 songs I've been constantly playing last few days and I'll probably get sick of them, but whatever. Also random order !

This song I've discovered recently and fell in love just because it's so nice and "summery".

I love how he's shifted from "big room" music to more "melodic" songs. Also this still from the video *ultra love*

I wish I'd go back to Ultra Europe this year but that's probably not happening, so at least I got this song that reminds me of the best summer last year.

 This might be no surprise to some people. This girl made an amazing cover and even Beyonce's new version is not better than this !

There's just something nice about this song :) I change "songs on repeat" all the time :D

Also, besides these songs I really like listening to sets, I just don't like changing and searching for music all the time. And mostly I don't care about how video looks like, Youtube is just my kind of Soundcloud. I hope to do more of these soon. I just have to find new amazing songs!
A beauty related post is probably coming tomorrow, don't worry ! :)

Love and Lemons

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