July Beauty Haul 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hi girls !
It's been a while since I've shown you what I bought in a month. Well actually in May I only shopped in Vienna (you can find a haul - here) and then I stopped for a while. I really don't need to be buying products and pile them on, however this month is my birthday month, so a little excuse to shop some more. Also as you will see, I'm leaning towards "luxury" brands.

Bobbi Brown Mini Must Haves Kit

Thanks to Polona from Uniqapoly, I got this set. It was 43,99€, I think, but you get 6 products in it + a cute travel bag. Content: BB Cream - Medium (15 ml), Mini Pot Rouge - Pale Pink, Mini Crystal Lip Gloss, Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick - Sand Dune, Mini Smokey Eye Mascara, Soothing Cleansing Oil (30ml).
Mini first impressions: 
BB cream is a bit too dark for me and more suitable for drier skin, however you can layer a bit of foundation on top, so that way you have SPF of 35 which is great. I absolutely adore the Pot Rouge: not as much on my cheeks since I don't like pinky cheeks, however it looks gorgeous on the lips and is long staying + the packaging has a mirror inside. Lip gloss is ok. The shadow stick is really handy, however it creases on my oily eyelids when wearing it by itself. Mascara is really nice because it's very buildable and not messy at all. Doesn't clump up the lashes, however it could be more dramatic. Cleansing oil is quite nice and removes all the makeup, however I'm not the biggest fan of oils. Still this set is really handy and I don't regret purchasing it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray
And credit for this one goes to my friend Tina. She spent a month in America and this was the only thing I wanted from there. It was around 30€ but you get 118ml and it should last me a long time. My skin is so oily, that makeup usually slides off and I really needed this in my life. First impressions are great but still I need to put it on a better test. 

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine - N° 43 Rose Rive Gauche
I bought this lipstick simply because it was reduced from 33 to 20€ in our Müller stores. I thought that the lipsticks was on sale due to being discontinued as usual, however YSL simply just tweaked the formula on these and this one is an "older" one. I picked this nice coral shade with a rose undertone, since I already own a bright pink one which is more of a statement to me (post here). It looks very pretty on the lips and is moisturizing. I kind of already love it and have to show you a swatch some time soon.

Ebelin Beauty Sponge
This was simply an impulse buy because I saw a video on Maestra's instagram and the sponge looked so squishy and nice. I've previously owned one makeup sponge which was hard as hell so I avoided them for a long time, I just prefer a nice foundation brush. But this one is so bouncy and colorful. And it's only 2,99€ in DM. I need to put it on a good test.

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  1. Uuu, lep odtenek YSL - pokaži nam ga :) <3

    1. Bom, bom ! trenutno mi nagaja nadloga po imenu: herpes :(

  2. i just follow your blog.
    great work <3
    Greetings from Greece.

  3. Kok so se mi učke zasvetile ko sem videla vse te lepe izdelke. Ebelin gobica je mene čisto pozitivno presenetila, čeprav mi oblika mogoče ni najljubša,mini must have od BB je pa nekaj kar bi jaz definitivno kupila, takoj ko pridem do LJ in če bi bili na voljo. Ker imam vedno velike oči, ko sem pred tem stojalom:) in so mi taki miniji res odlični, da probaš različne stvari. pa še upanje je da kdaj kakega do konca porabiš:) Krasna objava.

    1. Meni je Polona rekla, da so takrat imeli še samo 2 ti torbici Mini must haves :D Jaz bi malo zamenjala izdelke noter, ampak najbolj uporabljam rdečilo, ker je tud na ustnicah čudovito.
      Stojala pa rajš ne gledam hehe. Sem pa istega mnenja, da miniji so najboljši ! Vsi bi mogli delat take različice (tudi šminke), ker jih jaz enostavno ne porabim.