Empties #20

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hi girls.
Another 2 and a half months have passed and here I am talking about my trash. This time around I used up some products which I'll miss, however I cannot hoard them anymore. Also it's starting to get cold and after this post I'm trying to use up more body butters.

Garnier Neo deodorant - Light Freshness, Pure Cotton & Shower Clean.
I tested all the scents of these new Garnier Neo deodorants. I actually really like them, however I got a problem with the packaging. You can use them for just a few times and then all of a sudden it is completely empty. Just like the spray disappeared and I've heard it happened to many girls. Only one was completely fine and that's why I used so many of them, so quickly! I'm just not willing to risk that in the future. Other than that, it is a really nice deodorant. It protects me whole day and the actual spray is really gentle on the skin. First two scents were really light and maybe not my go to. However the Shower Clean scent was nicely refreshing but clean smelling, not too light.
Repurchase: no

Rexona Stress Control anti-perspirant
I think this one was one of my favorite deodorants so far. I love Rexona for hot and busy days since it protects me very well, however this one is a bit more special. Well, it just has that fresh, citrus smell to it which I love ! Sadly it is not made for black clothes.
Repurchase: yes

Dove Invisible dry anti-perspirant
This is the first spray deodorant I've tried from Dove (well this is the second bottle). And to be honest I was quite pleasantly surprised. It has a light scent, however the protection lasts all day long. Also this one work nicely on black clothes.
Repurchase: yes
Rituals Happy Buddha foaming shower gel
This was such a treat for skin ! With mandarin & yuzu it felt very refreshing. And it is not a commercial citrus scent, but has relaxing feel to it. The foam was thick and very nourishing. You don't see products like this often. You can read a review here.
Repurchase: maybe

Balea After Sun shower gel
A really nice after sun refreshment. While it doesn't contain any aloe very, it still soothes sun burns. And it smells like tropical vacations: coconuty. Also if you want something to remind you of summer, this one would be great.
Repurchase: yes (next summer)

Balea Fruity Cranberry shower gel
I'm not sure this scent is still available since Balea changes them all the time, however it was lovely, very fruity. Not as much as Frosted Cranberry by TBS, but ok. It was a decent shower gel, not too drying but nothing special either. It's cheap and ok if you're on a budget. However, this packaging was annoying because I had to squeeze it a lot to get the product out of the tiny hole.
Repurchase: nope

Schwarzkopf got2b Rise 'n Shine hairspray
I really didn't like this hairspray. Because it's supposed to give your hair some shine, it actually made my hair look greasy and I'm not a fan of that ! The hold was ok. But it smelled really nice.
Repurchase: no

Schwarzkopf Taft Ultimate Hair spray
This hair spray has the best hold (nr. 6), so it's kind of weather proof. It can make your hair stick together since it has such a strong hold to it, however sometimes I want my curls to really stay put.
Repurchase: yes

Duchesse Cosmetic Cotton Pads
Because I use up cotton pads so often I like buying cheap ones. These are not the best because they're quite thin, but they totally work and I would say they're nice ! 
Repurchase: yes (always)

Fresh & Clean makeup removing wipes (fro dry and sensitive skin)
I like these. They remove my makeup well & they smell nice. Also the packaging is nice with that plastic top (+ I've seen these on sale a lot !)
Repurchase: probably

L'Oreal makeup remover (eyes & lips)
I really liked this one because it is great for waterproof mascara. It has two phases, so you have to shake it up firstly. Because it is oil based, it takes no effort removing makeup. Some might not like the greasy feeling, however I don't think there's anything wrong with it, since I cleanse my skin afterwards as well. 
Repurchase: maybe
Ren Flash Rinse 1 minute facial
This face mask was quite interesting. You have to use it with water to activate the vitamin C. Though it brightens the skin, it also leaves a dry feeling behind. And it's quite expensive.
Repurchase: no

The Body Shop Strawberry hand cream 
They make some of the best smelling products. Though the prices are not small, sometimes I like to treat myself. This Strawberry line is so lovely. A very fresh strawberry scent, so delicious, Hand creams are not particularly moisturizing, however I like that the texture is light and sinks in quickly, so it's perfect for on the go.
Repurchase: yes

Afrodita Cosmetics SOS lotion
This is a great product ! It's for calming the skin, if it's burned or you have a insect bite. I really liked it an sometimes I used it after a depilation since it really does calm the skin. The texture is very liquid and light weight, so it sinks in right away. And the smell is very light.
Repurchase: yes

Duchesse Intimate Wipes
I really like these. They are wet enough and nicely calming. I use them mostly during that "time of the month"
Repurchase: yes

Rituals Good Luck Scrub
I absolutely loved the whole set I got from Rituals (more here). This scrub was quite effective and harsh, so I used it in moderation. Though it had big particles of sugar, it also contained some oils which left my skin moisturised and really soft. It also had kind of a fresh scent. If you don't like abrasive and good scrubs, this one might not be for you.
Repurchase: maybe

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  1. So many empties!!! I never get to finish my products except bath products! The Body Shop makes the loveliest scents, I love the Vanilla products best!

    Yiota x

    1. I do test a lot of products but still motivate myself to use up as many as I can. Also I'm a hoarder of bath products haha :D
      Yes, I'd love to try more from them, it's just that I have too many products already.

  2. Jaz sem ravno danes zjutraj fotkala za empties objavo, hehe. :)
    Za te Garnier Neo deote sem slišala kar nekaj pripomb, da se hitro spraznijo..midva s fantom uporabljava enega že kar nekaj časa in je še na srečo fajn poln..tudi sam deo mi je super, ker se tako lepo razprši, ampak mislim, da potem jaz tudi več ne bom kupila - glede na to, kolikim puncam se je to zgodilo. :/
    Me pa mika, da bi probala kakšen izdelek od Rituals, ampak bom morala malo izpraznit kozmetične poličke. :P Kje jih pri nas sploh lahko kupim?

    1. Meni se je ta Garnier Deo tudi pri razpršilu malo začel dušit in krnekaj res :) Pa ni poceni deodorant.

      Rituals so imeli enkrat na Petrolu, v stilu zbiranja točk..Drugač pa ga pri nas verjetno ni, samo kak feelunique.com in tujina :)

  3. Tudi mene zanima kje kupiti Rituals izdelke pri nas? Hvala.

    1. Kolikor vem jih pri nas ni :) Mogoče imajo v Avstriji, ali pa kupiš preko spleta :)