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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hi girls !
To be honest I had a bit of trouble writing this post since this year my blog was more about makeup and not so much about body, skincare and other bits. I do still test a lot of things but then go back to the ones which need to be used up. Still I found a few products which maybe you should try as well.


Mirati Face Wash
I usually buy whichever gel face cleanser since they usually don't impress me. Though I want it to be greatly cleansing. However, this one is quite different. The texture is thick, however when mixed with water it foams up nicely and feel very soft on the skin. It just feels different and more hydrating. Plus it doesn't dry out my skin at all. I blogged about it here.

Caudalie: Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid
This face cream quickly became my favorite one. After years of searching for a great mattifying cream, I've successfully found something other than Vichy Normaderm which I've been using for 5 years. Firstly I discovered TBS Tea Tree mattifying cream which is high on top of my favorites list but somehow this one by Caudalie really stole my attention. It's such a gentle, light weight cream and great for oily skin. Containing natural ingredients it also feels good to be putting onto my skin. And I like the matt effect even though eventually I get oily. You can read my review here.

Vichy Idealia Eyes Eye Contour cream
Recently I've started using eye creams more often. And I especially like this one. It brightens up the under eye area while hydrating it. It's perfect for a routine before makeup since it sinks in right away. Though for a night time it could be more moisturizing.

Garnier Biphase Micellar Clenasing Water in Oil
There have been two micellar waters that impressed me - this one and by Bocassy. However I chose this one just because I'm used to anything infused with oils, so it's very easy to remove makeup. It does the job amazingly, plus it smells very fresh. And in comparison to any oil makeup remover it is much better since it's not that greasy. Though maybe I wouldn't recommend it for those who dislike cleansing oils or such since it can leave behind a bit of a greasy feeling. However I always double cleanse my face so it's perfect for me.


Afrodita Cosmetics Natural Balance Intimate Soap
I've only mentioned this product in my empties. Intimate products are not something we talk about a lot, however a soap is a must. It's balancing (the intimate area has different pH than whole body) and keeps the area fresh while this one with aloe vera also acts calming. I've tried the 3 Active version, however I kind of prefer this one. Also I love the fact that it's Slovenian made.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

I know it's a mini sized product - 75ml to be exact, however it impressed me after just a few uses. Being infused with built-in body lotion it leaves the skin nicely soft and feels extra moisturizing. Besides that, I just looove the scent. It smells fruity but a bit floral, it's just unique. I need to purchase a full size soon.

Lush Sleepy Body lotion
I know I haven't been using this lotion for a long time (only two months), however I totally fell in love with the scent. I've talked about Lush body lotions before because they're the best to me. And then Christmas collection came out and along this body lotion. I just love the sweet lavender scent, it's just so comforting. Sadly you might not find this scent in stores anymore as it was part of Christmas collection.


Lush I love Juicy shampoo
I've been using this shampoo for more than a year which is rare for me. It is simply the best I could find for my type of hair (greasy scalp, drier ends). So basically it is a shampoo with fresh juices which cleanse my scalp while Carrageenan Extract leaves it nicely soft. I don't even need a conditioner afterwards. Though I have to warn you that combination of juices can sting the eyes while washing.

Jessica Phenomen Culticle oil
My culticles have been very dry this year and when I remember I always choose this oil. Unlike some other oils, it absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave behind too much of a greasy feeling. I dislike the almond scent but will still use it since it works nicely. I don't know how I will ever use it up because you need a small amount so it's definitely worth the money.

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  1. Oh ja, Sleepy imam ravno danes namen prvič preizkusiti :)

    Drugače pa ja - kar zanimivi favoriti - nekaj jih moram še preizkusiti :)

    1. Moreš še preizkusit Twilight kopalno kroglico (isti vonj) :)

  2. Same lepe stvari :) Kje pa kupuješ Soap & Glory?

  3. Garnier dvofazno micelarno sem že imela nagledano, potem sem pa prebrala par slabih ocen blogerk in sem se malo premislila, potem jo pa spet najdem pri tebi pa še bivša cimra mi jo priporoči kot najboljšo stvar ever. :D Mogoče me spet malo mika, da jo preizkusim. :) Pa Mirati FW, yay! :) <3

    1. Tud jaz sem prebirala "slabe" ocene, ampak meni je res všeč. Morda pač niso navajene na takšno micelarno, ker je bolj podobna dvofaznim oljem za odstranjevanje ličil :) Zdaj imaš tud kupončke za -50% na garnier v dm.ju, tak da bi se ti splačalo sprobat :)