Empties #22

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hi girls.
I realised I didn't have any post prepared for you and my basket with empties was overflowing, so I'm writing another empties post. Seems like I used up quite a lot of skincare products and I have to say that's why skin on my face is currently looking very clear and nice. You can check previous empties post here.

Vichy Purete Thermale micellar solution
A lovely micellar water by Vichy. It was gentle and removed makeup easy as any other micellar waters. I did like it very much, however I usually don't spend that much money on products like this one.
Repurchase: probably not 

Uriage Thermal Micellar Water 
I wrote about this micellar water in my previous post. The whole thermal line is quite nice and this micellar water was one of them. It isn't a miracle worker, but I liked it and it was nice.
Purchase: maybe

Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Phase cream peeling
This is a nice gentle scrub for the face. It has apricot particles and smells fruity. I enjoyed it, however I prefer Lush Ocean Salt. This was the only product from Clean Phase line that didn't wow me that much, however it's still nice to use. More about it here.
Repurchase: maybe

CadeaVera Oil Make-up Removing Pads
These pads were already dipped in oil so they were travel friendly and I really liked them. They removed my makeup easily. Even though there was a greasy feeling left behind, I always second cleanse, so it gets all removed.
Repurchase: probably
Afrodita Cosmetics Young & Pure Remove Spots ! spot-drying gel
This is a great product for drying up pimples. It's a clear gel and it dries up a bit more white. I used it before bed and many times I would wake up with clearer skin. It didn't work each time but it was useful. When it goes out of date it doesn't work as good anymore. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: maybe

Vichy Normaderm anti-imperfection hydrating care
My all time favorite day cream for combination/oily skin. Even though I wouldn't say this cream leaves that "dead, mattifying" look, the finish is matt. It regulates the sebum and hydrates the skin nicely. It sinks in right away and is very lovely. The scent is quite fresh but artificial. I loved this cream for years and I finally used up another bottle. Now I'll use up other creams but I'm definitely going back to this one again soon. You get 50ml in this bottle which is quite a lot so of course it took me some time to use it up. Also it is more expensive than I remember, it used to be around 15-16, now it's 18€. I wrote about it here.
Repurchase: yes

Afrodita Pearl Prestige Beauty Elixir
A product which I couldn't finish up. As you can see I have way too many products and sometimes emptying them out can be a challenge. I'm not sure how much is left in here but I did use it a lot. I enjoyed the serum because of the lightweight formula and it was hydrating enough to use on its own. Also I loved the smell of this line. All in all it was very lovely. Review here.
Repurchase: maybe

Afrodita Pearl Prestige Deluxe Moisturizing cream
Sadly I'm also throwing away this cream because it expired. I did really like it as it was nicely moisturizing but not too heavy. And also I loved the smell. It's a bit pricey but also the packaging feels nice. Review here.
Repurchase: maybe

CadeaVera Anti-Spot Cleansing wipes (Young) 
The scent is really fresh and nice. They don't do the best job at removing my makeup but I wash my face anyways so sometimes I just want something to remove most of my makeup (at least on my face,maybe not on my eyes) and at that time these are very handy. 
Repurchase: yes

Duchesse Cosmetic Cotton Pads
Because I use up cotton pads so often I like buying cheap ones. These are not the best because they're quite thin, but they totally work and I would say they're nice !  I think both packaging contain the same product, it's just that one is special edition.
Repurchase: yes (always)

Duchesse Intimate Wipes
I really like these. They are wet enough and nicely calming. I use them mostly during that "time of the month"
Repurchase: yes
Mirati body wash
I loved this body wash. It had a thick, gel texture and foamed up easily. I liked the moisturizing feeling it left behind and it was really gentle. The smell is lemony and up my alley. I wrote about it here.

Nivea Q10 Anti Age hand cream
This is my all time favorite hand cream. It has a bit thicker texture, however it sinks in right away without leaving a greasy feeling behind. It's extra moisturizing and makes my hands look nice. I also love the smell. Though now I will use up other hand creams and when my hands look dry and weird again, I'll go back to it. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: already did

Biotherm Aquasource gel
A mini hydrating gel for the face. I like the interesting gel formula and I wish I'd use more products like this. Even though Biotherm products seem to have a bit more "grass-like", natural scent, they seem to be very nice. Also I love minis for traveling.
Purchase: not sure

Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Sereine moisturizing hand cream
This collection has one of the most lovely fresh scents. Eventhough there's lavender in it, it smells mostly like mandarines. Though it was a very light cream so it didn't do much hydrating.
Purchase: no

Caudalie Purifying mask
This was a lovely mask. It dried up, while absorbing all the oils. It was for one use only but I did really like it. It left my skin refreshed but not dry.
Purchase: maybe

CadeaVera Anti-Shine Mattifying papers
I spoke about these on my blog. They're holly grail for oilier skin and also summer months. You press one onto the oily area and push on it with fingers. After that you can see the oils on the paper and just throw it away. I use 2-3 on the whole face and then use a bit of powder. They are really great when you've been out for a whole day and just want to freshen up. Plus they're cheap. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: yes

Batiste Dry Shampoo original
A really nice dry shampoo. Although it still leaves your hair a bit white, I just like the way it feels on my hair - actually you can barely feel it on the touch. This scent is not that special but it's still nice. This huge 400ml bottle was enough for a few months.
Repurchase: yes (other scents)

Batiste Dry Shampoo - blonde
Another Batiste dry shampoo.This one is colored and suitable for blondes. Even though it looks quite yellow, it's great for my shade of hair. Because it's tinted it's not that visible when you put it on which can be great but also sometimes I struggle because I don't know where I put i already. It is great for when in a hurry and it does the job great. Also the scent is lovely.
Repurchase: already did

Garnier Neo Intensive Antiperspirant - Fresh Blossom
I had many difficulties with these Neo deodorants. The packaging is futuristic, even though it works nicely as the flow isn't harsh. Though it gets clogged up and with 3 of these sprays it happened that the air just dissapeared. All of a sudden the deodorant was empty even if I used it for only one week. This is why I'd never repurchase it again. Though I loved this scent and it lasted on my the whole day. Plus it was the only one which performed normal. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: no

Garnier Mineral Invisible anti-transpirant
These days I'm switching between Rexona and Garnier because I got too much used to Rexona. I always liked these Garnier sprays. They work nicely and keep me stinky free. 
Repurchase: probably

Garnier Mineral 5 protection anti-transpirant
To be honest I don't see the difference between these two, only the scent is different. However I think I prefer the pink scent.
Repurchase: probably

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  1. HAHAHA, ej tole afrodito sem jaz podarila naprej - sem ugotovila da mi že skoraj 2 leti stoji v omari :/

    Potem sem pa videla datum in je šla dalje :/

    Preveč vsega, joj!

    1. A Pearl Prestige ? meni so pa bli kar všeč izdelki :)
      Se strinjam ja.