Summer is almost over: Favorite summer ''lipstick''

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today I'm going to show you my favorite so called lipstick for summer 2013.

Summer is all about beautiful colors and minimal makeup, so this lipstick was pefect.
Maybelline color whisper in Orange Attitude 440.

Color whispers are more like lipbalm but with better pigmentation. 
My thoughts: I really love how creamy this lipstick is and not drying at all, but that means it doesn't last for a long time and I am always left with a stain line on the inner part of lips. This is the only downside to it, but I really love it. Although it's a summer kind of color I'll wear it in the fall too :)
So here are some swatches:

 2 swipes on my hand

And this is pigmentation on my lips :)

Love and Lemons, Simona.

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  1. Tale mi je bila po swatchih zelo všeč, ampak je nisem vzela, ker sem se bala, da mi oranžna ne bo preveč pristajala.

    1. Jaz tudi nisem bla ziher glede te šminke, sploh ker nikoli nisem nosila oranžnih, ampak tale na ustnicah ni tak hudo fejst oranžna in potem sem postala obsedena z oranžnimi odtenki na sebi :D