NOTW & Little review: Misslyn nail polish strips

Friday, December 20, 2013

Here is another preview of what I wore on my nails this week :) I was testing these nail polish strips that I got last month and I really wanted to share my opinion with you !

nr. 46 - Burlesque / beige-taupe

As you can tell these nail polish strips CONTAIN NAIL POLISH, and they do have that kind of a smell :)
But beware, because of the nail polish they are supposed to dry out when you open them !
You get 10 nail strips in a package.
I recommend using them on bare nails, because then they will stick nicely onto your nails.
I also recommend using a culticle pusher when you are trying to remove what is left of stickers around your culticles, and also use little scisors. All the instructions come with the package !
They also recommend putting on a top coat after using them, but I didn't use it :P
How to remove them: simply using nail polish remover (I removed them today and it was really easy !)
Price: I believe they cost around 6€ in Slovenia/Müller (yes it says sale 4,95€, but I got them for 2,95 € :) )

Day 1

Day 1

Day 6 (left hand)

Day 6 (right hand)

In conclusion: I have tried normal nail polish-free stickers before, but these ones contain nail polish and are far better ! As for the price, I would have to say that they are quite pricey, but if you are on the go or you have to do your manicure really fast and for something important and don't want to have chips on your nails quickly, I would definitely recommend them ! I believe they would last a bit more if I put ona a top coat ! 

Love and Lemons, Simona

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