Fashion wishlist !

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I know the winter came very late this year, but I'm already thinking about spring and new fashion items that I'd like in my wardrobe. When I put up this collage it surprised me that there's so little color in it, but I suppose that is because I already own some colorful pieces & I didn't find any of the ones I would like on-line :) This is sneak peek into my wishlist :)

1. White pants : since I didn't buy them last year, hopefully I will find the ones I like this year
2. "Wool" hat : I really like those hats on other girls, but I haven't found one yet that would suit me :D
3. Bustier top (this one is from h&m) : I really want this Bustier top but I can't find it anywhere :/ Well, I want one which is not too short ! but is still a bit shorter
4. Skort (Zara ) : I want to try it on myself first just to see, because I really like how it looks :)
5. Mini office city bag (Zara) : this bag is simple but chic <3
6. Watch : I'd really like to have a slim, sophisticated watch :)
7. Crop top & shorts : that's basically what I want for summer :D

p.s.: Tell me what is on your wishlist :3

Love, Simona

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