Empties #2

Monday, January 06, 2014

I really like reading/watching other people's empties, so I'm really into doing these kind of posts :)
Last time around I didn't have a lot to show because I was just starting with this theme, but this time oh my, I think I've used up quite a lot of stuff, but there are more to come :P
I don't know about you but I'm really satisfied when I look at the stuff I managed to completely use up and throw away :)
So, here it is !


Recept shampoo against hairloss - as I've mentioned in my December haul, I use this stuff all the time, but this is an old bottle, they have repackaged it :) I don't like the smell but I think it is nice.
Repurchase: already have
Fitoval shampoo against hairloss  (+ mini tester) - I finally used up this bottle. I don't know if it works, well I should say that it didn't quite work for me, but you are supposed to put it on an leave it on for like 5 minutes and I didn't do that often :)
Repurchase: probably not
Swiss o'par dry shampoo - You have seen this in my November haul and I use up one bottle per month. I like this product, eventhough it stays on your hair.
Repurchase: yes
Taft power hairspray (mini size): This is in my daily use, so I have to say that is quite needed. I like the mini version, because I can bring it everywhere :)
Repurchase: yes
Klas silicon with vitamin E for damadged hair and hairtips - Few years ago this was a must in my hair routine, but now I realized it does nothing to my hair and silicon is not good for your hair because it only "closes" the hairtip but it doesn't do anything good to it.
 Repurchase: nope


Oriflame Deep woods body scrub - This is just an ordinary body scrub, I liked it. The best thing about it is the packaging because I could squeeze out every last bit left :) 
Repurchase: maybe other scent
Nivea In-shower body lotion (mini size)- I like this product because it makes my skin at least a bit more hydrated and I'm sometimes too lazy to spend time putting on normal lotion, so this is perfect :) 
Repurchase: after I finish mini size testers.
Nivea Q10 handcream (mini size)- As I've mentioned in my December haul, this handcream is really nice and perfect for a handbag. I really like it.
Repurchase: already have
Essence nailpolish remover (coconut+papaya) - I seriously have not complaints about this product. It doesn't dry out my nails, it is cheap and it smells really nice.
Repurchase: already have
Dermatix silicon gel for scar reduction - I purchased this because I had stitches and a scar and I think it really helped. My scar is not completely gone, but it looks ok :)  Repurchase: If I'd have another scar


Jasmin makeup remover wipes - These are one of my favorite face wipes, they are cheap and remove makeup quite well (but not as well as more expensive ones, but I really don't care because I wash/scrub my face anyways) 
Repurchase: already have
Passion peel off  (don't know the brand :S )- Oh my this smell so nice ! It has pomegranate in it. I just love peel off masks !
Repurchase: yes
Green line mattifying hydrating face cream (tester)- I liked it for the winter because it doesn't mattify your skin as much as other products. 
Purchase: nope
Balea clear-up nose strips - I like them :) I don't think any nose strips can remove blackheads completely, but it semi-works :) 
Repurchase: yes
Vichy normaderm anti-imperfection hydrating care - I LOVE this product ! Have been using it for years and it really works for my oily skin. It mattifies it nicely :) Repurchase: deffinetly yes
Shiseido Ibuki gentle cleanser (tester) - I liked how this product is different. You squeeze it out and it is completely firm, so it comes out in one piece, then when you massage it on your wet face, it suddenly foams up. But it does sting your eyes, so be careful ! I thought I wouldn't like it because it's gentle but it was really nice :) 
Repurchase: probably not (because it's quite expensive)


Misslyn nail polish strips - I like those :) I used them here .
Repurchase: for a special occassion yes
Balea lipbalm Zucker Schnute - I wanted to try those lip balms but this one was way too sweet for me and it didn't hydrate my lips as I wanted to.
Repurchase: nope
Balea Intensiv - At first I didn't like the smell, but it did moisturize my lips very well because it contains shea butter & argan oil. 
Repurchase: maybe 
Figs & Rouge organic balm Coco Vanilla - I expected a lot from this product, but then this is what happened: after using it for a month it became goopy and then a weird layer formed on the top of the lip balm. I scooped the top layer off and it was still usable but then after a week it happened again. Like seriously ?!? Don't know if my product was weird or did it happen to anyone else too ? 
Repurchase: (hell) no.
Deborah Milano Summer drops lipstick - I didn't like the color, but it was a nice gloss/lipstick, watery, but had a lot of color. After a while the aplicator started falling off and I just wanted to throw it out. 
Repurchase: nope
IsaDora build-up mascara extra volume (mini tester) - I've showed you a bigger version of this mascara in my New Year's look. This tube is not recognizable anymore, the writing wiped off :D But I really love it.
Purchase: in the future

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. jst mam tut od Fitovala proti izpadanju las, od kar sem rodila so mi full izpadali lasje, in to je edini šampon, ki mi res pomaga...TOP :)

    1. no super, da pomaga, meni pa se nekak ne da čakat tistih 5 minut s šamponom na glavi :S mogoče ga še enkrat spet kupim

  2. Shiseido Ibuki joooj jaz sem mela ta vzorček, nisem še probala kaj boljšega...sem ga nameravala kupiti, vendar ne vem, cena je 38 € kar je fuuul..predvideva sicer da bi ga imela vsaj za pol leta, vendar ne vem--

    1. jaz še mam en vzorček :3 ma to je meni res pretirano. Vem, da je vredno denarja, pa ker je bolj luksuzna kozmetika ampak ne hvala, moja računica ne zmore tega :D

  3. Passion Peel Off je od Montagne Jeunesse :) Te maske so pa tako super! Jaz uporabljam tisto z jagodami in smetano in je super, kadar se mi lupi povrhnjica, dejansko mi takoj popravi stanje!
    Figs & Rouge balzam se ti je pa najbrž pokvaril :/

    1. Hvala za info :P ja super so, ampak jaz samo peel off uporabljam :3
      Ma ja, itak ! jezna sem bla ko nvm kaj, kr ni glih poceni in da se mi to po 1 mescu nardi, fujfej :D pa niti nisem bla navdušena nad vonjem in embalažo (čeprav je cute), tako da ni vredno :D