Fashion new in #2

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hello there again from inside of my bedroom, I'm cozy, away from that awful snow/weather outside :P
So this is another fashion haul of everything I bought since the last haul. I know there have been many sales, but I didn't go crazy :D I know I bought some summer pieces, but I didn't find anything spring-like that I'd like to wear :)

H&M dress I wore on New Year's Eve
(I showed it here)

H&M blazer (also wore on New Year's Eve :P)

Zara shirt (I'm wearing it here)

T-shirt from Promod (I really like how it fits me but here it looks a bit awkward :P)

Top from Stradivarius

Crop top from Stradivarius
(I'll be wearing it with a skirt, because I'm not a big fan of high-waisted shorts)

Skirt with zippers from Stradivarius

Shorts: Stradivarius

Scarf from H&M
(I forgot my scarf on a trip during New Year's, so I bought this one, eventough it's such a cliche & everybody owns those kind of scarves :P)

2 pairs of "jeggings" from C&A
 (Those are so comfortable & they look like real pants !)

Sunglasses: Six (love those sunglasses ! (you can see me wearing them here)
Necklace: Six (shown here)
Earrings on the left & right: Six
Earrings in the middle: H&M (yes there are 2 pairs missing, I gave them away)

Ray-ban sunglasses; style: RB2140 (& yes they're not fake)
(here's the picture of me wearing them)

Hair elastics from H&M
 (I bought those because they're not supposed to make a dent in your hair like the other hair elastics do, but these ones actually suck)

Shoes from Mylook (you can buy them here)

Another pair of shoes from Mylook (find them here)

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. same krasne stvari. <3333 :)
    noro všeč mi je šal, majička modra, oboje kavbojke in oblekica. :) super okus imaš.

  2. Mogoče bi še mogla it malo pogledat v Stradivarius... Veliko lepih stvari in velik nakup (:

    1. Sicer ne vem do kdaj še majo znižano, ampak so meli res FUL poceni stvari :)

  3. same super stvari. :) še posebej oblekica, blazer, moder top, šal, uhani in oboje čevlji so noro všeč. :)