NOTD: Put some sparkle on it ! & Revlon - Stunning nailpolish review

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lately I've been wearing more natural colors with a bit of glitter. I really like this manicure because of the little sparkles that are so delicate to me :) Make sure to click on the pictures, to see the sparkles up close !

Revlon (340 Stunning) & Makeup factory (old bottle - shade 199)
I used 1 coat of each nailpolish :)

Nailpolish review: This nailpolish is so beautiful. It kinda gives me a gel-like finish and little sparkles are very subtle but delicate and pretty.
Nailpolish formula: the best ! One of the quickest drying formula ever.
Negative: bigger glitter is so hard to get out of this bottle, but I don't really mind that :)
And it chips quite fast.

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Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Fuuul luštkano. :D super zgleda na tvojih nohtkih. :)

  2. Fuuul luštkano zgleda na tebi. :D

  3. O kako luškano! :)

    Pa nisem nek fan naravnih manikur :D

    Res lepo :)

    1. sej se morem kaj barvnega spravit nardit, ampak trenutno sem res takega razpoloženja :3