Styling polka dot skirt in the winter

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Yesterday I put on an outfit I really liked so I wanted to take pictures of it :)

I really like pairing blazer with a skirt & a big scarf, so it looks chic but still a bit more casual. And also I'm obsessed with infinity scarve eventhough I don't own many :D
And with this outfit I would actually wear a winter coat and also not just one pair, but two pairs of tights :)

And yes you can't see my face, I took the pictures by myself so no face :P

Scarf,T-shirt & Skirt = H&M
Blazer = Stradivarius
Tights = Polzela
Shoes = Mylook

I will make sure to post another outfit soon but with better pictures !

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. luštkanoooooo. :))) všeč mi je. sploh krilo.

  2. super si tole skombinirala. :) lepo ti paše. :))
    še posebej so mi všeč čevlji, noro dobri so in seveda tole pikčasto krilo<3 :)

    1. Ja čeveljci so mi ful všeč, sploh tisti pasek okol gležnja :3 Hvala ^^

  3. Joooj kako lepo. Sama bi se takoj tako oblekla, saj sem nora na pikice (zato tudi obožujem tvoje ozadje :D).

    Btw, nominirala sem te za Liebster award. Več info dobiš na

    xx, Kaja :)

    1. oh hvala :3
      Ja pikice so vedno luštne in primerne :)

      O, bom pogledala !

  4. Lep outfit :) sploh čevlji so super!