Empties #3 - samples edition

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Soo, again this time around I have some trash to talk about with you :D I decided to split my empties or "what I used up" into 2 parts, first here are samples, just because I think I used up quite a lot of them :) And soon there's coming another empties post, so keep an eye on my blog :) Here it is...

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Age - This one is different from original Normaderm face cream because it is actually green :D But it works the same as other ones, so it is nice :) Purchase: nope, I prefer Total mat.
Afrodita Oil Control (3 active t-zone mattifying serum) - It has kind of a lemon scent to it which is kind of refreshing. It does mattify your skin if you don't put too much product on your face. For me it just didn't work because my sking is really oily on T-zone area. Purchase: nope
Vichy Normaderm Total Mat - My all time favorite product (previously I used the normal version-which says only Normaderm on it). I can't tell you how much I like this product. I've tried so many mattifying creams and none worked for me as much as this one does. Although it doesn't mattify your skin for an entire day, it just works and it has the best texture. Purchase: already have
Decleor Aroma Purete shine control fluid - It mattified my skin, but not for long. Purchase: nope, too expensive & didn't work for me. 
Bioderma eye contour gel - It has a really light consistency, which is not my favorite because I really like thick eye creams. Purchase: nope

Bioderma Purifying foaming gel - It smells really fresh, but I think none of the face gels/washes actually work for oily skin. This one didn't do anything special for my skin either (I got like 7 uses out of this !) Purchase: nope (expensive & didn't work).
Vichy Hyaluspot - This is that kind of a pimple cream. It really DOES WORK. If you have trouble with pimples or acne, try it ! I really like it because it dried my pimples or other imperfections real fast ! Purchase: If I have horrible skin.
Decleor Baume Excellence Regenerating Night Balm - Really rich cream, but I didn't like the smell so I used it only on my neck which so perfect because it is very moisturizing. Purchase: nope, too expensive.
Vichy Normaderm micellar solution - Great stuff, works great on removing makeup but it is like other micellar solutions, although a bit more expensive. Purchase: nope, can find cheaper ones :).
Vichy Normaderm deep cleansing purifying gel - Nice cleansing gel with that Normaderm kind of fresh scent. I liked it :) Purchase: maybe in the future
Vichy Normaderm purifying  pore-tightening lotion - this toner is also nice, but I just prefer other ones. It has again that nice fresh smell, it doesn't burn but it does dry up your skin a bit. I didn't notice any difference in my skin.  Purchase: nope (have other favorites)
Decleor Essential tonifying lotion - I liked it, it has kind of a floral scent, but it was a really nice and soothing toner.  Purchase: it is expensive & that's why I wouldn't purchase it.
Sensilab Undo cream - I liked this cream for under my eyes & on my neck because it was really thick, but I didn't notice any changes or reducing of the wrinkles. Purchase: probably not.

Nivea In-shower body milk - I really like this stuff, have nothing more to say, just that you should try it !
Purchase: when I finish all my samples I will purchase the shea butter one.
Nivea frangipani & oil shower gel - Really nice, fresh smelling shower gel. Nivea shower gels are definitely one of my favorite ones because they lather nice and leave your skin quite smooth, also the smells are amazing. This particular scent also has small beads in it. Purchase: Already have
Art deco gloss Lip Briliance (sample size) - A really nice lipgloss, a bit sticky but that's why it stays longer on your lips ! I enjoyed it :) Purchase: nope, I'm not a lipgloss kind of girl.
Eubos repair&care hand cream - I really like this hand cream ! If you have super dry cracked hands - try it ! Purchase: maybe after I finish my stash of hand creams :P

Moroccanoil treatment- Overall: overpriced & overhyped product ! It does work, but you can find other products for much smaller price which work the same (such as: Gliss kur everyday oil elixir). I have to say that I enjoyed it & loved the smells. Purchase: nope (& I still have another sample :P)

p.s. Have you tried any of these products ?

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  1. Where did you get such cute testers :D jaz ponavadi dobim samo take v vrečkah :D

    1. Večina sem dobila ob kakšnem nakupu al pa mi je kdo podaril, ampak za Biodermo in Eubos pa Delarom (kar ni tukaj na tem postu) sem dala zdaj linke zraven ! :)