What I use: everyday makeup !

Sunday, March 02, 2014

This time I wanted to share products that I'm currently using for my everyday makeup when I don't want to experiment much and I basically don't have that much time to get ready. It looks like a lot of makeup, but this is what I like and it's pretty simple to me & I do my makeup quite fast with these products :)

So maybe this looks like a lot of makeup for just an everyday makeup :P
Featuring: Purcell's purse makeup bag! (you can find it here)
This bag is really lovely and spacious, I can fit everything you see on the picture :3

L'oreal Volume Million lashes Excess mascara
MUA Undress me too eyeshadow palette (I mainly use this palette to blend and stuff like that)
L'oreal couleur infallible (Endless Chocolat) - I really like this product because
it doesn't crease on me like other creamy eyeshadows & also It is so easy to use !

Bourjois healthy mix concealer (review here)
Max factor pan stick (13 Nouveau Beige) - I use this under my eyes because
 it's creamy and it blends nicely
Catrice Skin finish compact powder
Revlon Colorstay foundation (Buff)
Essence silky touch blush (30 secret it-girl)
Catrice eyebrow set
Essence lash & eyebrow gel

Vichy Normaderm Total mat - my ultimate love, I can't go a day without that !
Essence LE Love letters jumbo sheer stick - 01 rosy in love (swatch here)

I swear my camera doesn't know how to pick up eyeshadow or blush sometimes, but ok :P And also this is before I cut my hair :P

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. A tale Vichy kremca za dolgo matira?
    Res si lušna s tem make upom, pa kolk maš dolge trepalnice *.*

    1. Ne morem glih rečt da za ful dolgo matira, oziroma nisem štela ur kolk matira :D .. Se mi zdi, da pač nobena krema ti ne more za dolgo matirat, kr tak pač je, olja pridejo slej ko prej na površino :)
      Ampak meni je od vseh matirnih krem najbolj všeč kr se takoj vpije in zmatira obraz pa ful je lahka, dlje matira od ostalih, ki sem jih probala.
      Hehe, ja na tej sliki se ful vidi :D Morem rečt, da tole ni samo maskara, mam vredi trepalnice :P

  2. Zelo luštno:) To MUA paletko pa jaz tudi vsakodnevno izrabljam. Moja najljubša senčila:)