My summer nailpolish picks

Monday, July 07, 2014

So today I'm going to talk about nailpolish. Usually I'm really lazy in the summer and I only paint my toe nails but because I now have quite a nice collection of nailpolishes I like painting my hands too from time to time :D
So here are my top 5 summer nailpolish picks !

Essence Show your feet - 07 Hot Red
We can not forget about all time classic color: red. It looks sexy all the time and in the summer I love wearing super bright red nailpolish (it looks awesome on your feet too !). I know this particular Essence nail polish is meant to be for your feet, but I love it on my fingers too. Plus this one stays longer on my nails than regular Essence ones. Sadly this shade has been discontinued, however you can get bright red shade everywhere.

Catrice - Am I Blue or Green ?
I used to wear this nailpolish on my fingers like all the time, but now I love wearing it on my toes. It isn't quite a summer color, but to me it is an alternative for a white nail polish sometimes.

Deborah - 21 Yellow Fiz
Yellow ! To me yellow screams summer because it is so bright. A perfect yellow needs to be just a bit more pastel and creamy than a true bright yellow. I think this one will suit almost every skin tone. Also it does enhance your tan :)

Models Own - Beach Bag
Another statement nailpolish color is : NEON. Summer is all about neons lately. This nailpolish collection  called: "polish for tans" was designed specifically to enhance your tan or so to speak: to make you look tanner ! I'm obsessed with orange and peachy tones in all makeup products, so I needed a perfect kind of peachy polish, so this one is perfect because it doesn't look pinky.

Essie - Blanc
Everybody has been talking about this nailpolish for such a long time now. And I think that it looks especially nice in the summer with tanned skin (or not if you're pale like me :P - I just love it on my feet) because it's such a contrast between the dark skin and such a light color. For me it's a must have

ALL IN ALL: I'm not saying you need these nail polish colors, I'm just sharing my current nail polish picks & what I've been liking. But definitely I think sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and try a polish you never thought that would suit you :)

p.s. Let me know which are your favorite summer nailpolish colors !

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Všeč mi je tvoja izbira. Essie Blanc je itak zakon, Beach Bag bi se pa tudi skoraj znašel na moji listi, ampak mi je Bikini lepši pa je tisti prevladal. :)

  2. Ne boš verjela, tudi jaz imam pripravljen en post na to temo :)
    Lepi odtenki!
    Kje si kupila nail wheel sicer (jaz imam enega iz Tedija, kakor ste mi svetovale punce; pa ni tako lep)?

    1. Vidim, da je kar popularna te vrste objava na blogih :P
      Moj je tudi iz Tedi-ja :)

  3. O kok mi je hud tale catrice lak *.* me pa zanima po koliko nanosih je dobro prekriven?
    PS ful so mi všeč take objave :)