Fall / Winter Lipsticks

Sunday, September 28, 2014

As we've come into fall, there is a must for this post !
I haven't done it last year, so it seems only appropriate to do it now. I love wearing dark colors on my clothes, so also I love dark lips. I'll be wearing those lipsticks in fall and also of course in winter. I don't change lipsticks between these two seasons.
Let's get into my fall/winter lippie collection:

1. Makeup Revolution - The One
No matter what season: Nude lip is a must ! This one is just perfect and also cheap. I already talked about it here.

2. Essence - Natural Beauty
This one is more like my lips but better color. I still think is kind of a nude with a pink undertone.  Also the formula is really creamy and nice.

3. Maybelline Whisper - 210 Oh La Lilac
I've been obsessed with lilac lips lately. I've always admired people who wore purple and lilac lipsticks, so I decided to try it. This one is perfect when you're trying new colors, as it's not too opaque. I've already swatched it here.

4. Makeup Revolution - Depraved
Also, because I've been obsessed with purple lips, I had to buy this one, no matter if it would suit me or not 'cuz it's cheap. It makes my teeth yellow, so I'll mix it with other lipsticks, to get rid of that.

5. Catrice - Tell Me A Berry-Tale
A true plum lipstick. This one is unfortunately discontinued, but I'm sure they have similiar ones out there. I think it suits my green eyes because of the contrast. It is just a perfect fall color.

6. Art Deco Dita Von Tese Art Cotoure Velvet Lipstick - 656 Black Dahlia
I'm in love with this shade !. It may look like it is a plum color, however it is a true dark red. I've been searching for this color and then finally found it. It does stain your lips and it wears off when you're drinking or eating, however this shade is perfect. Also I need even darker lipstick ! Recommendation down below please :D
You can also read more about it here.

7. Oriflame Midnight Colour - Midnight Red
I also don't know if they still sell this one. However, a red is a must every season of the year, especially in Christmas time :) I have multiple reds, however I chose this one, because it's not too bright and not too dark. On the picture it may look a bit too orange and light.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Pa si boš res upala tole vijolčno nosit? :O Nora barva.

    Tale mi je najbolj všeč - Catrice - Tell Me A Berry-Tale!

    1. sej sem napisala, da jo bom mešala z drugimi šminkami :) Če mi ne bi tolk rumene zobe nardila zarad odtenka, verjemi, da bi jo kar tak nosla :D

      Ja, tista je res lepa :)

  2. Meni pa je najbolj všeč od Art Deco. Podpiram pa vijolične ustnice, zanimiva barva (:

    1. Oh ja, tale je tudi zelo lepa in moja najljubša za zimo, sploh, ker mi zelo paše zraven mojega najljubšega šala :P

  3. Uuu, tale vijolična je tudi meni zelo unikatna in všečna! Poleg te pa sta mi zelo všeč tudi od Catrice in pa Maybelline :)

    1. oja :) Trenutno je moja najljubša Maybelline, kasneje pa bom nosila najbolj temne šminke :)

  4. PURPLE! Najprej mi je padla v oči, hudooo nora barva! :) Vse šminke so sicer zelo lepe, ma ta mi je še posebno všeč! ;)

  5. Kapo dol, za vijolicno! Glede na to da je proti modri, si prepricana, da ti nardi rumene zobe, al se sam teb tko zdi? :P
    Tale Catrice je prekrasna, skoda da se je ne da vec dobit.
    Pa Art Decoje tudi full, full lepa!

    1. hehe...ma ja, ful se mi zdi, da nardi vijolčne zobe, na žalost ! :)