Huge Haul: The Body Shop, MAC, Maybelline...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello !

Today I decided to do a separate haul because it is precious to me, especially because there are many products I wasn't able to get in my country. Maybe this haul is not that big, but I did spend s**t load of money.

Firstly, The Body Shop

The Body Shop in Graz had this Advent Calendar which I have been wanting for maybe over a year now and I can swear I'm the happiest girl right now :P I won't be purchasing it next year again, but let me enjoy it this Christmas :) It's a Christmas gift from me to me :)
You'll see what was inside eventually, when I can start opening it - can't wait !

And then I couldn't resist the offer: 3 for 2 on the smaller sized products, so I grabbed 6 of them, as I knew I wanted to try a lot from TBS, but was not willing to buy all the full-size ones - the calendar itself is enough already. Here's the list:
Strawberry Body Polish
Satsuma Body Polish
Pink Grapefruit Body Butter
Mango Body Sugar Scrub
Shea Body Sugar Scrub
Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

+ the lady at the checkout gave me a sample of Vanilla Body Butter

Next is MAC Cosmetics.

Unfortunately the drugstore called Marionnaud didn't have many popular shades of lipsticks available (such as: Brave, Sushi Kiss, Lady Danger), so I chose only two colors that I was attracted to.
Up The Amp lipstick shade doesn't look purple on the picture at all, however it still has a pink undertone and I don't know why, but I was drawn to it. And then I also knew I wanted a more natural kind of color, so instead of Brave (which was sold out) I decided on the last dark brown Twig lipstick.
And then I kind of didn't think and just bought this lip liner called Soar. I own only 1 lip liner, so that should be interesting. I've tried it already and it's really creamy and good.
I knew I wanted a concealer, so I picked up Pro Longwear one in NC15. I'm not sure about it, but I shall test it properly.
At the end I was feeling a bit spendy, so I decided to grab this oh-so-popular eyeshadow: Satin Taupe :)
What happened next the checkout I realized everything was 20% off, so basically I got one product for free :P

Actually firstly I wen to Bipa and they were having 3 for 2 on Maybelline, so I decided not to get only one but two Instant Anti-Age Effect concealers in Light, because they're so hyped up.
Also Fit Me powder in 120 Classic Ivory looked nice, which was my third choice of Maybelline because they didn't have Fit Me concealer in my shade - maybe I'll buy that one online. And because this Look by Bipa eye Duo Eyeliner looked great and was only 5,5 € I bought it too. One side is a normal pencil eyeliner and the other side has pen eyeliner which is super black and matt.

In DM I saw this gorgeous eyeshadow: Maybelline Color Tatoo in the shade Permanent Taupe (well I don't own any of these eyeshadows, can you believe me?) and thought it was a nice base for eyeshadows + I heard it's a dupe for one of the MAC paint pots.

And the last purchase was this Flormar lipstick from limited line: Lights of Flowers in the shade LF13, which I only bought because it looked a bit orangey, like Lady Danger from MAC (probably it's not a dupe, but who cares).

Also I was in the Douglas drugstore and they had Soap&Glory, however that stuff is so expensive and I have hundred body products to use up, so I ended up not buying anything, maybe next time :) I wanted Hand Food hand cream, but the only one they had was the big one and it cost 10€...I ain't spending 10€ on a freakin' hand cream haha :D

So this would be all for today :P ... I will try not to shop for like 2 months or so. Seriously, I have no space for anything anymore.

p.s. Let me know what you've tried already and what you're most excited for me to review :)

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  1. Fajn haul! :) <3
    Jaz mam ta 'tatujček' Permanent Taupe in mi je res najljubše senčilo, sploh kadar se mi mudi, pa bi vseeno rada bila urejena + vedno dobivam pohvale. :)
    Prav tako je super tale Maybelline Instant anti-age korektor.

    Bi pa me zanimala ocena TBS - sploh ko boš začela odpirat advent. koledar. :P in nujno MAC korektorja, ker me zanima, kako ti bo odtenek, ker sem sama tudi tak bleda kot ti. :D

    1. super, upam, da bo tud meni od Maybelline vse všeč :3

      Prvo bom probala TBS pilinge ocenit, ker jih v koledarju ni :) sem čist excited..
      Ja tale MAC korektor je res fuuul svetel, tako da bi ti odtenek bil itak super..edino morem sprobat kako se sploh obnese čez dan :)

  2. Lepo si zapravila :D

    Vidim da si že samo v Macu pustila kar nekaj eur, ampak se splača - ker ga itak nimamo v Lj.

    Želim videti, šminkice na tebi in seveda spremljat ko boš odpirala koledar. Kakšna je pa cena koledarja? :)

    1. haha ja, mislim, da mam za en čas dovolj xD čeprav sem itak mela pol 20% popust na MAC :3

      Verjetno bom skoz na Instagramu objavljala odpiranje, pol pa probala kaj ocenit :P
      Koledar je bil 90€ haha :D vem, da je dost ampak sem si ga ful želela :)

  3. Mene zanima kako se bo obnesel korektor od MACa ker se sama tudi kmalu odpravljam v bližino ene od njihovih trgovin in mam ta korektor na wishlisti + lip liner Soar. :)

    1. hmm upam, da mi bo uspelo ocenit korektor čimprej :)
      lip liner mi je pa po eni uporabi kar všeč kremast in prijeten...morem še bolje sprobat :)

  4. Tole pa je fajn haul :) Pričakujem swatche Twig šminke, zgleda ful dobro :D

    1. hehe... se bom potrudla, da bo vse čimprej na blogu :)

  5. Mislim, da bi imela kar vse izdelke :O <3

    1. jaz sem zadovoljna s svojim nakupom ampak, če bi MAC imel še več odtenkov šmink bi bla še bolj vesela :P