December Beauty Haul 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm here again with a haul. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I was on a spending ban for the whole month - which means that I wasn't allowed buying anything beauty related, only if I really ran out of something. I thought maybe I'd get distracted by buying gifts for other people. Then I was with girls at some drugstore which was closing off so I broke the ban and bought two Bourjois products, oh well. At least it wasn't much and it was half off.

Firstly I got all the pretty things from The Body Shop Advent Calendar (click, if you want to see everything). My favorite scent is definitely Frosted Cranberry !


1. L'oreal Gentle Eyes & Lips make-up remover
Actually I was affraid to run out of my two-phase makeup remover, so I bought these as they were on offer 1+1. Maybe it was an excuse but I didn't have any backup.

2. Ombia Cosmetics Cotton Pads (x120)
I ran out of all the cotton pads, so I bought these while I was at Hofer. These are really thin and not soft, so I don't like them. Can't wait to use them up.

3. Bourjois Color Edition 24hrs cream to powder eyeshadow - Prune Nocturne

4. Happy Light Bourjois Ultra-covering Concealer - 21 Ivoire


1. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Mandel)
2. Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal
3. Le Couvent des Minimes Smile Lip Balm (+ two body balm testers)
4. NYC eyeshadow palette - Union Square
I only swatched these shadows and they have a really good pigmentation
5. Impress Press-on manicure
Will save this one for summer time because of the colors.
6. La Roche Posay BB Cream (light)

7. Mixa Micellar water & CC cream 

8. Catrice & Essence goodies
Won in a giveaway on Ajda & Tjaša's blog

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  1. super izdelki :) moram tudi sama sprobati L'oreal odstranjevalec ličil in Bourjois kremno senčilo, ker izgledata super :)

    1. ja upam, da je fajn L'orealov odstranjevalec - da ne iritira oči, ker ga še nisem uspela sprobat. Tole Bourjois senčilo je pa zelo lepo <3 Škoda edino, da na očeh ne izgleda tako lepo kot v embalaž pa na pogled spominja na tisto Catrice bordo matt senčilo, katero imajo vse punce :P

  2. Oba Bourjois izdelka imam in sta odlična :D Drugače pa pridna, meni ni uspelo da ne bi več zapravljala, čeprav sem veliko manj kot je v moji navadi...:P

    1. ja res sta super :3 sta že na listi za objave...jaz sem se malo presenetla, čeprav sem bila jezna, ko sem vseeno nekaj kupla, ampak pa res da bom verjetno zdaj januarja več zapravljala :D vseeno pa se poskušam nazaj držat, ker nimam več placa :P

  3. Všeč mi je tvoj izbor.
    tudi sama imam v namenu kupiti Mixa Micellar water :)

    1. hvala :)
      baje je super micelarna ! morem jo dodobra sprobat :)