Makeup Empties #2 (plus what I'm throwing away)

Friday, December 09, 2016

Hi girls !
It's been a year since makeup empties (first empties post → here). As you know, makeup is so hard to use up. And I am on a mission to use up as many products, however testing a lot of new ones makes the process slow down. Plus, I really like makeup shopping because I can choose every shade and texture, while I get sent a lot of skincare to try and tend not to purchase that as much. Life of a blogger can sometimes be confusing, yep. Still these posts are motivating for me and you.
There are some items missing on the picture because I broke Revlon Colorstay (was almost empty and I threw it away) & MAC Prolongwear concealer (have depoted the rest and used it up).

Avon Big & False Lash mascara
This mascara offers volume and a bit of "false lash" effect. It separates the lashes and doesn't clump them up. I do feel like I get a lot of volume with this mascara, plus it's really easy to use. It does have a long staying power and usually I need to use an oil-based makeup remover due to it's durability. Though it dried up quite quickly. Link to blog post here.
Repurchase: yes

Avon Super Shock mascara
This mascara adds a nice amount of volume, while separating each lash. It does need quite a few layers but without wetting your brush again - it allows you to layer mascara nicely without clumping up your lashes and the result is great. The brush is quite big and long so it coats each lash. Link to blog post here.
Repurchase: no

Avon Luxe volume extravagance mascara
I'm really liked this mascara. Packaging was ab it more luxe and the brush was quite standard, which I prefer. Texture was not to wet and application was easy. It offered some length but mostly a lot of volume to my lashes - which it promises anyway. Also you can apply lots of layers, since it doesn't clump. Link to blog post here.
Repurchase: maybe

Essence gel eyeliner 01 midnight in Paris
I wish Essence still made gel eyeliners because this one was great. Very longlasting, didn't smudge at all and was very black. Though it dried in 2 years of course.
Repurchase: yes (if it wasn't discontinued)

Essence liquid ink matt eyeliner
Well this was the worst liquid eyeliner ever. I did like the matt, very black finish, however it just crumbled everywhere. I really tried to use it up but it was a no no. Plus it dried out quickly.
Repurchase: never

Freedom makeup Professional makeup fixing spray
This spray had a quite fine mist which is great as it didn't feel too wet. However, I really disliked the artificial scent of plastic - very unnatural. It did prolong the wear of my makeup by just a little bit, however I think it's not a magical product. Recommend UD All Nighter all the way.
Repurchase: no

Maybelline Affinimat - 03 light sand beige
This was the most liquid and runny foundation every. But because of that it felt amazingly light on the skin. I used it on the days when I didn't need much makeup. The finish was natural (light to medium) and left the skin semi-matt. Though it doesn't keep my shine at bay as long as Revlon one. The shade was perfect as it was really light. I don't think these are available in my country anymore. More about it here (I know, an ancient blog post).
Repurchase: maybe

Max Factor Pan Stick - True Beige
Oldie but a goodie. Used to be my holy grail concealer. With a thicker creamy texture it covered almost every pimple and I liked it even under my eyes. It also felt moisturizing. I believe some people use this even all over the skin - in that case I'd recommend it only for drier skin. Mentioned on my blog here.
Repurchase: maybe

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer - 01 Light
The shade is quite orangey, so it's perfect for blue-ish tones under my eyes. It's nicely blendable and has a good coverage. You have to twist the packaging, so the products comes out of the sponge applicator, which I like, because I dot the product onto my skin. On the other hand, the sponge gets quite dirty looking. Longevity is great and I have no problem with fading or creasing. It's a great concealer. (on my blog here)
Repurchase: yes
Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother - 020 Apricot Cream
This is a dupe for Clarins lip perfector. I compared them on my blog (here). It's a non-sticky, milky and creamy lip gloss. However it does stick to dry patches. So when my lips are exfoliated and looking nice, they both leave a juicy and good looking effect. It is moisturizing. Somehow I just prefer the Clarins one because it looks a bit better on my lips.
Repurchase: no

Makeup Revolution - Love a hug
A very creamy & glossy lip balm. Pigmentation is not great but you still get quite a nice wash of color. These are a bit pricey (5€) for what they are later I figured it does the same effect as Maybelline Babylips which is half priced. Check the shade here.
Repurchase: no

L'oreal Caresse lip balm 701 rose me on
A very nice lip balm, which was a bit beautifying but then again nothing special.
Repurchase: no
Catrice Eyebrow Filler - 02
An ashy blond color is just perfect. The brush makes application very easy and also it fills in brows greatly. It adds a nice definition to eyebrows and is just easy to use. I tend to stay away from powder because I'm just lazy, so this is a great product for me. It makes everything so easy, plus it stays on all day long. Read a review here.
Repurchase: yes

IsaDora Wonder nail polish - 112 Sublime Lily
I really liked this nail polish. It was a very light, sheer pink with some shimmer which made my nails look very pretty.
Repurchase: maybe

What I'm throwing away

Why would I do that with makeup? Well some of these just items didn't work out for me and wouldn't wish for anyone else to try them. Others have expired. Also here you can see what I used to buy.

Oriflame Perfecting Face Primer 
This primer was just whatever. Very liquid and didn't seem to sink into my skin that well. Plus I didn't think it did anything great for my skin or pro long the wear of makeup.

S-he eyeshadow - 645/01
I tried very hard to use up even one eyeshadow. Successfully I managed to use up the lighter shades in this trio, however the darker one was hard to use up. Plus it's old, so to the bin it goes.

Essence mineral powder blush - 03 bronzing star
I'm throwing away this blush/bronzer because I had it for too long and it's not safe anymore. Was very shimmery but looked pretty on my skin.

Alverde Eyeshadow pencil - 06 champagne
I thought this eye pencil would be perfect for highlighting inner corners of the eyes but I was wrong. When swatched it is a bit dry and looks like a nice champagne color, however on my eyelids it just dissapears and doesn't show up at all.

Oriflame Midnight Colour lipstick - Midnight red
I used to order a lot from Oriflame, however I feel like you can get the same things in our drugstores nowadays. Though this was the perfect cool toned red lipsticks. I was really into reds back in the days. It's well expired.

Essence hugs&kisses lip scrub
Another worst product ever. A lip scrub from LE. It had very small particles and was super sticky. I mostly liked the fruity scent but sadly it's a no no product.

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