Empties #25

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hi lovelies.
It's time for another empties post. I cannot believe that I used up so many products in just three months. So prepare yourself for a long post (maybe serve yourself a big cup of tea or coffee).

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
Just a standard thermal water. It is very nice for using to remove face masks or after face masks or scrubs, when skin needs to be calmed down. I would actually spray a lot of water onto my cottonpad and rub it gently all over my skin.
Repurchase: yes

Essentiq Neutral Moisturising Toner
A very good, natural toner. Even though I find it weird that it's foamy, I loved the moisturising effect of it. I would definitely recommend it for dry skin.
Repurchase: maybe

Bocassy Clean & Tone toner
This toner removes daily impurities + refreshes the skin. It hydrates while leaving my skin good looking. Because it doesn't contain any perfume, the scent is quite herbal and natural. Packaging is again sleek but gorgeous and made of high qualty. 
Repurchase: yes (if I would need a toner)

Avon Nutra Effects Micellar Water
I liked this Micellar Water. Although it was average, it did it's job. It wasn't irritating, untill I put too much on and it all got into my eyes. Other than that, it removed all my makeup.
Repurchase: maybe

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water
I don't know what is the hype about this makeup remover. I used up a whole bottle and didn't think it was anything special. It does remove makeup very effectively, however sometimes it would sting my eyes.
Repurchase: no

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid
I loved this face cream. It's so light weight, sinks in very fast and feels very comfortable. Plus it does have a nice smell. I did really like it for my oily skin. Also it was good for under the makeup.
Repurchase: maybe

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Clay Shampoo
I love smell of this shampoo and what it does to my greasy hair. Just a small amount foams up very nice and deeply cleanses the hair. It really removes any dirt or residue and leaves the hair squeaky clean but still soft. My hair doesn't grease up as quick afterwards, even though I still wash my hair every two or three days. I will definitely be buying it again, when using up my Lush shampoos.
Repurchase: yes

Garnier Fructis Fresh - Normal Hair Quick recovery shampoo
This is the shampoo I used to use a few years ago. It's good for really cleansing greasy hair. I just prefer other shampoos which are a bit better than this one.
Repurchase: no

L'Occitane Verveine Agrumes shampoo
A citrusy shampoo, which is totally me-like. It is a good one if you tend to wash your hair very often. It's not the most cleansing, however it gives you a refreshing feeling. Even though my hair greases up like normal if I'm using it, I still like it, that it doesn't dry out my hair even if I would need to wash it multiple times per week.
Repurchase: no (expensive)

Batiste Dry Shampoo - blonde
Another Batiste dry shampoo. This one is colored and suitable for blondes. Even though it looks quite yellow, it's great for my shade of hair. Because it's tinted it's not that visible when you put it on which can be great but also sometimes I struggle because I don't know where I put i already. It is great for when in a hurry and it does the job great. Also the scent is lovely.
Repurchase: already did

Avon Senses Orchard shower gel
I loved the smell of this shower gel: raspberry, apple & cassis. It's very fruity and nice. Plus it felt quite nice and smooth on the skin.
Repurchase: maybe

Oriflame Discover Miami Spirit shower gel
Another nice smelling shower gel. Fruity, but a bit floral. Other than that, it wasn't anything special.
Repurchase: no

The Body Shop Satsuma body polish
I loved this body scrub. I thought I used it up, however I found it in my cupboard and had to use it up. The smell of oranges is amazing and I definitely need to buy something from this line again. It was a nice scrub, but not too abrasive.
Repurchase: yes

Eucerin ph5 body lotion
At first you'd think this lotion would be thick, however the texture is nicely light. Application is easy and it absorbs into the skin almost immediately while leaving behind a nice silky, soft feeling which is not greasy to the touch. It has a calming, neutral scent. What I like about this lotion is that it really calms my skin without leaving a greasy layer.
Repurchase: maybe

Nivea Invisible anti-perspirant - Fresh
Don't know why I purchased this deodorant, however I liked it a lot. It protected me for a whole day, even when working madly. The scent was fresh and pleasant. It's great if you wear black clothes. Though I didn't like that it took a while to dry on my skin before putting on clothes.
Repurchase: yes

Rexona Anti-perspirant - Invisible Aqua
And speaking of Rexona. This is the one I usually use. It does the job and keep you "stinky-free" for a looong time ! Also it doesn't leave yellow marks. It's still a bit white though.
Repurchase: yes

Rexona Stress Control deodorant
I think this one was one of my favorite deodorants so far. I love Rexona for hot and busy days since it protects me very well, however this one is a bit more special. Well, it just has that fresh, citrus smell to it which I love ! Sadly it is not made for black clothes.
Repurchase: yes

CadeaVera Young Refreshing makeup remover wipes
I featured this one in my dissapointing products post. So yes, I hated them. They really irritated my skin and especially eyes. I would never buy them again. I do like other versions of CadeaVera wipes though.
Repurchase: no

Jasmin Girl intimate wipes
These are ok, but nothing special. I do still buy them from time to time because they're gentle and cheap. Though I prefer Duchesse ones, which are a bit wetter.
Repurchase: maybe when on sale

Senza intimate wipes
These are very handy to have on the go in my bag. They work fine and are pleasant.
Repurchase: probably

Montagne Jeunesse Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask
I usually like this brand of masks, however I would not recommend this one. It's very cooling and tingly, however it also gives you a burning sensation. It has mint in it as well, which I would not recommend for the face. All in all, it could be very irritated.
Repurchase: no

Duchesse Cosmetic Cotton Pads
Because I use up cotton pads so often I like buying cheap ones. These are not the best because they're not thick, but they totally work and I would say they're nice ! This again is a special edition, so the packaging looks very tropical
Repurchase: yes (always)

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm
I loved this lip balm, however I didn't use it as much as I should. So after two years it got darker and not usable. It is like a lip mask, which I prefered using before bed. Very moisturising and deeply hydrating, like nothing else. When I buy it again, I need to use it all the time, so I get my money's worth. And yes, it's not cheap.
Repurchase: yes

Labello Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter
I loved this lip butter. It was so moisturising. Even though it can be a bit greasy, I like that because it makes my lips very hydrated. Plus this one smelled yummy. Though I always hate the packaging with these ones: I tend to only use it at home, because it can get very nasty and gross.
Repurchase: maybe

Labello Classic (neon edition)
My all time favorite lip balm is the Classic one from Labello. It is just moisturising enough for me and I'm used to it. This one was in a neon packaging and few months ago I also bought the new sparkly edition.
Repurchase: always

Le Couvent Des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer hand cream (mini)
The texture of this cream is super thick, so you would think that it is very moisturizing and healing. And yes, at first it feels very moisturizing, however at the end of the day my hands are still dry. In long term, it won't heal your hands.
Repurchase: no

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This hand cream smelled gorgeous. It just has this original Soap & Glory scent which is lovely. Plus it was nicely hydrating. I'm sad that I cannot get it anymore, due to Boots Online being closed.
Repurchase: yes, if I could

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