Empties #1

Friday, October 25, 2013

Here I am again :)
I really like doing blog posts, but usually I have too much work and stuff to do for school. Anyways, on the weekends I make sure to post at least something :)
This is my share of empties I collected in a month and yes I didn't include everything, just the things I wanted to and ofcourse to share my thoughts.

1. Maybelline Dream Matte mouse foundation (shade: 003 Light Beige & 010 Ivory) - I liked those because they are light weighed and they mattified my skin well, but I haven't used them in a while and you know makeup expires, so I need to throw them away ! I think they don't even sell those anymore.
2. Christina Aguilera perfume - I went through 2 bottles of this over the years and I'm still finishing one more, but I really like the smell, it's sexy :) Maybe I'll keep the bottle just because it looks nice :D
3. Labello Fruity shine Pomegranate - I didn't finish it because it looks weird, I guess it went bad, so goodbye ! The smell is nice and fruity and it leaves a red stain on your lips.
4. Microcell 2000 nail repair - I really like this nailpolish recovery, it helps if you use it as described, but after a while it becomes goopy, so I need to throw it away and I'm also using a new type of bottle :)
5. Catrice re-touch Light-reflecting concealer (shade 030 rosy beige) - I used this under my eyes, because this shade is quite pinky and it helped my blue under-eye circles, although it is a really nice product I finished it in a month, which never happens, so there's not a lot of product in there. Maybe I will repurchase it just because it doesn't cost much !
6. Maybelline Affinitone perfecting powder (shade 03) - I really liked this powder and the packaging was nice especially because of the mirror, but I broke the powder, so i had to put it in another container and I finished all of that was left :)

7. CV Vital 35+ cleaning wipes - I know I'm not over 35 years old but from this brand I like these the most. They take my makeup off nice and they are also very cheap and I buy them all the time.
8. Duchesse cosmetic pads - These are quite nice, I just buy them because I don't need expensive cosmetic pads just to take my nailpolish off :)
9. Syoss Hairspray Max hold - This hairspray just doesn't have a maximum hold, but the nice part is that it doesn't stick your hair together. I wouldn't repurchase it.
10. Fa shower cream Cacao Butter & Coco Oil - I wanted to share this shower gel with you because I really like the smell and it just so nice on your skin and it lingers on for a long time. I go through these bottles quickly.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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