October wishlist ! - help me

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last month I posted a fashion/beauty wishlist, but this month I thought I don't have enough on my wishlist to post, but I guess I've been a little wrong :)

Here are bits of what I would really like to have. I'd really appreciate you to give me an advice, where to get some of the things ! :)

1. Infinity scarf for winter :) I'm seeing those everywhere, but I'm not sure which color should I get (this one is from h&m)
2. Winter coat - I have to prepare myself :D The one on the picture is already sold out everywhere I looked (h&m) & I really like the style of it, the buttons are nice.
3. Burgundy pants - I'm sooo not sure if I should buy those (h&m)
4. Black boots - I'm searching for them and can't find anywhere my size or the ones that would fit me :S
5. Really dark vampy red lipstick - so I have been watching everywhere, in the stores and online and I can't find any lipstick that is dark enough - I really need help ! (I don't want any plum dark lipstick, but a vampy dark red one)
6. Cardigan - I really like the style of the cardigan on this picture, still can't find it anywhere

+ I'm still waiting for that bag I showed to you last month (it's out of stock, but I heard there will be more available in a while)

So if you have any suggestions, make sure to leave me a comment ! 

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Glede škornjev, v zari ni nič primernega?
    šminke (mogoče kaj od tega) http://www.click2chic.si/sl/Ustnice/DEBORAH-sminka-za-ustnice-Milano-Red-lipstick-20/ , http://www.click2chic.si/sl/Ustnice/MODELS-OWN-Lip-stix-sminka-Very-Berry/ , http://www.mojadrogerija.si/licila/1268-mememe-satin-lip-cream-.html
    upam da ti kej pomaga :P

    1. Hm v Zari še nisem pogledala :) dosti škornjev mi je zgoraj prevelkih, ko si probavam :s
      tale šminka Deborah iz click2chic je presvetla :D, druga se mi pa zdi zlo zanimiva !
      hvala :)