September HAUL - 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

This is what i got and received in September :)

What I bought <3


This month i went shopping quite a lot and these are some of the things i got (starting from the left):
1. h&m nail polish: "mad confetti" - 0,95 €
2. Catrice nailpolish: 45 Kitch me if you can - 2,59 €
3. h&m nailpolish: "mad lilac" (it's a royal blue color with a bit of purple) - 0,95 €
4. Maxfactor creme puff: 05 translucent - 8.95 €
5. Labello lip butter: Vanilla & Macadamia - 2,55 €
6. Maybelline baby lips: Peach kiss - 2,49 €
7. Maybelline baby lips: Cherry me - 2,49 €
8. Essence long lasting lipstick: Barely there! - 2,49 €
9. Essence long lasting lipstick: Coral calling - 2,49 €
10. Balea clear up strips (a bit less than 3€)
11. D&G eau de toilette: 6 L'amoureux - 36 € (including postage)

What i won/received :)

      1. Max factor Lipfinity lip colour: 340 Essential natural (spent 10 points in DM)
2. Marc Jacobs perfume: Honey (won on facebook) - smells really nice and look at the bottle !
3. Deborah makeup package (won on facebook) - the blush stick (black thing on the right is really nice)

All the prices are from Slovenia.
If you want to, I'll do a review on these things, but today was a hecktic day and I'm sorry for a short blog post only in english :) I'm still waiting on two Essie nail polishes I ordered.
Do you like or have any of these things ? :)

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Kakšna je kaj obstojnost D&G parfumčka? Pa s kje si ga naročila če smem vprašat :)
    Oooo, srečnica da si dobila Honey <3

    1. Mam sicer tud post o tem D&G parfumu, drugač pa ne zdrži tako dolgo, nekje 3-5 ur, ampak je res, da se jaz samo 2x našpricam al pa še to ne :D .. naročla sem pa prek facebooka: Last minute izdelki (original parfume majo, pa res je fajn)
      Ja tega Honey pa lahko res skoz gledaš, kr je umetnija :D