October HAUL - 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013

So today I woke up pretty early (this hour change totally messed up my sleeping schedule :S I usually go to sleep at 2am, but now at midnight - that sucks :S ), so this post is pretty early :)
This month I found myself spending more money on clothes and shoes & less on makeup, but still I bought some beauty treats :3


(from the left to the right)

1. ArtDeco Dita von Teese lipstick - 656 Black Dahlia ( I'm in love with this lipstick, it is the perfect dark vampy red color I wanted, I need to do a post about it ! )

2. Maybelline AffiniMAT - ( I already did a blog post, so make sure to check it out :) )

3. Depend Gellack Remover - 2,45 € ( I removed gelish nails which a girl did on me and it really worked, you need to do it maybe twice but it works and you save some money doing it by yourself)

4. Essie nailpolishes - Sag harbor & Wicked - 10€ for 2 + shipping from carodejka.si
( I ordered Topless & Barefoot shade instead of Sag Harbor and the lady sent me the wrong color, she said she'll send another one which looks more like the one I ordered in the first place, but she never did and that's stupid ! .. but I love Wicked shade ! .. I may purchase other colors in a store :P )

5. Misslyn nail polish strips - 2,95 € from Müller (I really like the pattern, but I still need to try them out, although I know they dry out when you open them because they contain nailpolish, so they are not normal stickers :) This is how they should look:

6. Lush Bubblegum lip scrub - 7,55 € ( I've had it before and my lips have been really chapped during this month so I bought it again - beware it is very yummy ha ha ! :D ) - my Instagram picture :P

7. Cosmetic storage thingy from JYSK - 12,99 € (it is kinda pricey because it is acrilic, but I've accumulated so many things so I needed more storage - and It's pretty ! ) - sorry for the bad picture, couldn't find an original from their site.


1. Eucerin gift - I won in their fb game - contains: Dermopurifyer Mattifying Moisturizer, Cover stick & Cleanser
2. Ingrid cosmetics Estetic nailpolish - 5F (these nailpolishes are pretty bad, but oh well :P - fb giveaway)
3. Cristalli liquidi  ai semi di lino - KLERAL SYSTEM (haven't tried this yet but it is intersting and I'm excited to try it)
4. LANCOME perfume La vie est belle - oh my this smells soooo amazing and it lasts the whole day, even with spraying on just a little bit ! (Beautique fb competition)

Have you tried any of these things yet ?, What's your opinion?

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Essie lakci so super! :) Pred kratkim sem pa tudi jaz kupila lip scrub od Lush-a, ampak tisto mint-čokoladno verzijo. :D

    1. ja, mislim da si bom mogla še kakšnega kupit, ampak raje v dm-u :D Jaz sem hotla tistega, pa so pri nas meli sam še popcorn :/

  2. Essijiiiii <3

    Najbolši lakci, poleg Opijev. Čeprav Essiji dlje zdržijo !

    1. good to know :) definitivno rabim še kakšnega :D