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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So I decided to share a few beauty tricks with you, although there are already so many tips on the web, but maybe you haven't heard of any of those (i hope so :P)

1. Before bed, always use a pimple cream on your pimples (this is no trick, but I wanted to share what helps me: )
 - this green corrector really does dry out your imperfections through the night and it helps a lot with healing

2. Store your cosmetic wipes upside down ( you know how your cosmetic wipes dry out if they are not closed properly ? put them in a plastic container and store them upside down, that will prevent drying them out and the liquid will always be on the bottom - this way on the top )

3. If you have chapped lips, wet your cosmetic pad with a really hot water and then rub it against your lips ( hot water helps your lips to soften and the dead skin will peel off - you can also use a lip scrub after that or just regular sugar)

4. How to make your lipstick last longer:  (this is how I do it)

5. Put your nails with fresh nailpolish under a cold water or use drying drops to dry them quickly :)
( this is what I use: )

OTHER TIPS (which I think you already heard about !):

- always use a base coat ( I have seen so many girls with red nails after removing a red nailpolish and it really isn't healthy for your nails - so if you use a base coat you know this doesn't happen as often )
- always use some kind of oil on your hair ends ( to prevent them from damaging - IF A HAIR IS DEAD THERE'S NO HELP - keep in mind that, because if you put oil on dead hair you can't fix it, only cutting it helps)
- drink a lot of water ( it helps your skin to clear out)
- if you have oily skin you should use moisturizer too ! Because if you always clean and exfoliate and mattify your skin, the skin will produce even more oil, so make sure to keep your skin moisturized with an appropriate cream ( I heard that using any argan or face oil is good too )

This is all for today, if I forgot something, I'll make sure to complete the list :)

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Drugo točko moram upoštevat, ker se čisto vedno izsušijo tile robčki :)

    1. ja, pa res deluje, jaz mam skoz tak robčke :D

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