Vampy red lipstick: Dita von Teese - Black Dahlia

Sunday, November 10, 2013

For the past month I have been searching everywhere for the perfect dark vampy red lipstick. All I could find were dark plum shades, so I was sceptic about ordering this one online, but then I checked some blogs and I had to have this one. I own one of ArtDeco lipsticks already, so I knew I would like this one.

I ordered it here:
It wasn't expensive, because it is on sale and they had free shiping at the time. (yay!) It is from limited edition from Dita von Teese.

It is a velvet finish and I think because of that it doesn't stay on your lips for a very long time, but the shade is totally gorgeous. The packaging is really nice and slim. I think it is a very sexy color and because I'm really pale it suits me nicely and I wouldn't pick darker color than this, but for the other skin tones I think they could go darker.

Packaging & on my lips:

The actual color is sometimes really dark, and sometimes just a slight dark red :)

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  1. zelo lep odtenek in zelo ti paše :)

    1. Morem enkrat celoten makeup s to šminko pokazat :P

  2. OMG, odtenek je res prekrasen <3

  3. ja :)
    tale blog post me je prepričal, ker je punca tu ful huda s to šminko: