November HAUL 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

I can't believe it's the end of November already ! Crazy right ?

This month I thought I wouldn't shop so much, but at the end I still bought quite a lot of things :S I never succeed not buying stuff :P So this is what I think about the things I've bought. 


I used my 60% off coupon on and I also shared it with two friends.
(from back to front)

1. Essence nailpolish remover Coconut+Papaya- I always buy this because it smells really nice and it doesn't dry my nails like some other removers do :) So I bought just two, why not :P

2. I love...Mango&Papaya shower gel - Oh this smells so nice ! :D I love anything with Mango in it!

3. I love...Mango&Papaya body scrub - the same smell, but it's a scrub, lovely !

4. Microcell 2000 nail repair - I have used up a bottle of this last month and I still have to finish the one I currently am using, but because it's not very cheap I stock up on a new on :) I really like it, but am thinking about trying something by Essie.

5. Deborah gel like top coat - the most dissapointing product ever :D It's very difficult to put on, it's streaky and weird, maybe I'll use it separately but it SUCKS

6. Revlon nailpolish: Sweet Tart - It was cheap and I have never tried a Revlon nailpolish, so we'll see
7. Fresh&Clean makeup remover wipes 60/1- I had those a while back, so I wanted to get them once again & they are lovely !

8. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Crush (left) & Rendezvous (right) - I REALLY LIKE those ! I also bought a Romantic shade but we'll keep it for the next month :). I'll make sure to do swatches on my blog, probably in a day or two :)

9. Schauma Cotton Fresh shampoo - I've used it once, it smells nice, but I think it's nothing special

10. Swiss o' par Froteee dry shampoo - I've been using this product for a long time and I like it, it saves my day sometimes :D

11. Balea Dusche & Creme Grapefruit (shower gel) - This is so yummy ! and cheap ! I like how creamy and fruity it is :)

12. Cadeavera Peel-off masque (Müller) - I'm using these masques for 2 years and I really like them :)

13. Catrice lipstick: Like my high heels - A lovely present from Grazia magazine, I like the shade, although I haven't worn it yet (I think this particular shade is discontinued).

14. Revlon Colorstay combination to oily skin liquid powder: Buff - I'm going out of this powder so I decided to stock up :)

15. Essie nailpolish: Playa del platinum - So, the last time I told you my nailpolish order was mixed up and the lady never sent me the right shade, well here it is ! I was so happy it came, it took a month to arrive, weird... Allthough it's not the right shade I wanted, but it is quite similiar and I really like it :)

16. H&M two nailpolish set - I saw this set on Kristina's blog and I wanted it immediately :D I'm not pink's kinda person, but this one is so nice.

17. Nail culticle remover tools - ( - I wanted something better to remove my culticle and these tools are pretty nice, they came from Germany.

18. Essence metal glam gold topper - I've seen everyone with this nailpolish and I finally gave in and bought it :P To me it's not that special, but it's pretty nice :)

19. Essence mascara: get BIG! lashes volume boost waterproof mascara - I've seen some reviews on this mascara and one day I forgot to put on mascara when I went to school, so I kinda freaked out, because to me it's very weird when I don't wear mascara, so I bought this one. To be honest, it's not that special, like some people have said, but for the price it is really nice ! and it for sure is waterproof :)

20. Catrice Light-reflecting corrector - I talked about in my Empties #1 , so I bought it anyways, because it was cheap and I kinda missed it :)


1. Too faced Natural eye palette - I won this from blog (Mateja), so big shoutout to her !  I really like this palette and have been using it a lot :), so it is a lovely treat.

2. Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying cream - I got this from a The ugly truth or sweet lies ? blog, she used it a bit and wanted to give it to someone, because she couldn't finish it, so I wanted to try it :) To be honest, it is not as mattifying, it moisturizes my skin and mattifies it a bit, but it really doesn't last a long time - like an hour, so it's not special or anything :)

3. KKcenterhk nail goodybag - I won this on Sandra's blog: , she's really lovely and I was really happy to receive this :) I haven't had time to try a lot of things, but still I'll use everything :) You can order from them here:

If you want to know where I got some of the things, just ask. Also, I'd like to know your opinion on products, if you used any of these :)

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Ful dobre stvari, H&M lakci so itak zakon..ta suhi šampon si bom pa prav kupla pa ga sprobala! :D sej je iz Milerja ane?

    1. :3 .. Ja iz Müllerja je :) Sicer je tud taki beli kot vsi, ampak je meni fajn, pa ni najdražji, kr ga hitro porabim :)