Nude & Brown Lipsticks Collection

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hello girls !
As I've mentioned in my makeup collection post, I'm going to slowly show you my collection but mainly lipsticks. I've talked about peachy & coral shades and this time I'll show you my "nudes". I don't own that many of them, so this should be short and concise.


1. Flori Roberts - In the nude

This one is also a perfect nude for me. Pale, beige based and it's not too light. Also a nice creamy formula.

2. Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro - Game of Mystery

This is a really yellow, peachy based nude. It's definitely light, so it would look best on really pale or quite darker skin tones. It has a really creamy texture, so it's not longlasting. You'll see a proper review soon on my blog.

3. Makeup Revolution - Nude

A nude shade designed for a wide range of skin tone. Nice texture, not too creamy. Doesn't last on your lips for a whole day but I do like it. Mentioned here.

4. Essence - Cool Nude

I've talked about this one here. It's a perfect brown shade because it's not too dark or too light, plus it's warm toned. Longevity isn't great but what would you expect from a cheap lipstick like that ?

5. Essence - Come Naturally

The same as the one above: mentioned here. I really love how cool toned this lipstick looks on me. It's something different and I just like it. Also it may look a bit purple.

6. MAC - Twig

My beloved MAC lipstick. It's definitely a warm darker brown. Sometimes it may look a bit pinky toned though. If you're looking for a "Kylie Jenner" kind of lipstick this one would be suitable for that look. Also because I'm really pale it looks quite dark on me. Review here.

7. Essence - Natural Beauty

This one is my lips but better color kind of shade. It's a pinky nude. Nicely creamy and easy to wear.

8. Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick  - Henna

A really nice pinky toned nude lipstick. Not too pale and it's a nice everyday color. (bought on

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  1. Uuu, dobra objava!

    Jaz sem še vedno najbolj navdušena nad Essence, barely there nude šminko! :)

    1. te pa nimam, pa bi jo verjetno lahko imela haha :P

  2. Makeup Revolution - Nude je moja favoriteee :333 si jo moram res nabavit. top blogec.


    1. ja ta je res lepa nevtralna, za vsakogar :)

  3. Vse so čudovite, z ''njudikami'' ne moreš zgrešit :)

    1. res je ! :) zato jih pa najraje kupujem, ampak sem se zdaj malce ustavla :P

  4. Uuuu nice, nude forever! <3 ;)

  5. Same fajn šminke, Essence imam vse tri in so mi super barve :)

  6. Ma daj, kako so mi všeč <3 Me jezi, ker meni te nude šminke nikakor ne pašejo, ko pa gledam slike in swatche bi pa vse imela ;)

    Super objava!
    xoxo, Nyx

    1. to pa ne verjamem, ker ti more vsaj ena pasat, morda pa še nisi našla tiste "prave" zase :)