October Beauty Haul 2015

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hello girls !
Firstly I have to mention that I had a freaking huge list of what to buy at DM drugstore since they had such a great offer on makeup and some skincare, however eventually I decided to not buy anything, I'm kind of proud because I can kind of containt myself, however I still bought some stuff I probably didn't need and I justified it in the end. I do want to try not to spend any money in November, but I'm craving TBS Christmas collection products.

What I bought

MAC Lipstick - Faux
I went to Lush training in Zagreb and had some time off. So ofcourse I went to MAC and picked my new favorite everyday lipstick. I was really struggling with picking one shade because I wanted something for every day since I don't get that much use of my most colorful lipsticks. Also I struggled with communicating with a sales person - dammit. In the end I picked this shade, which is perfect but also you might have heard about it on blogs already. Next purchase shall be a colorful one.

Duchesse Cotton Pads
Ran out of these.

Catrice Eyebrow Filler
I'm running out of this one, so I decided to pick it up. I reviewed it some time ago (link here).

L'occitane Melting Honey Solidarity Soap
This soap was only 2€ + it was for charity, so ofcourse I bought it.

Senza intimate wipes
Just something I use and they're handy.

Essence Make-up remover wipes
Decided to buy these because they're travel frendly. Also I can't believe that I currently don't own any other makeup remover wipes :O.

Cadeavera Anti-Shine Mattifying Papers
Almost ran out of these also. They changed the packaging which is great. Such a useful product though !

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair
Lovely Maša from Low Maintenance Beauty offered to bring those from her trip, so I decided to take an opportunity. Thank you girl!

Essence Brit-tea duo highlighter pencil & Fun Fair lipstick - 01 ring around the rosy
These are from a bit older collections but they were 1€, so I picked them up. You might know my love for lilac lipsticks, so this one is kind of perfect.

Essence TE Merry Berry: Scented gold dust powder (01 i love my golden pumps) & top coat (01 i love my golden pumps)
This came out too early ! Like for real, it's a Christmas collections in october. I'm usually not impressed by limited collections anymore but this one looked cute. I picked those two products mainly for the packaging. Though I wanted the dust powder because I missed one in an older Catrice collection. It does have a really pretty gold shimmer inside.

PR products

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick 825 Hydrangea & Photoready Kajal Matte Espresso
Some slovenian bloggers got a chance to try two products from Revlon. I chose those two and you'll be soon reading about them on my blog.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation - 01 Ivory Rose & Volume Glamour Push Up mascara - Ultra Black Edition
I was contemplating whether to buy this foundation because it didn't impress me in the store, however there was so much hype about it. But then I got it as a PR sample, so you'll still read about it on my blog. 

Eucerin pH5 Lotion
Another surprise from Eucerin <3

Labello Original Caring Lip Balm
Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite lip balms, so I was happy when I received it :)

Essentiq - Neutral facial cleansing gel Green Lemon & May Chan

& samples (shampoo for normal hair + intimate soap)

I've tried some products from this brand which was available only online, however now they're launching it our Muller drugstores



Balm Balm Lip Balm + some samples of Herbafarmacy products

Phyto Huile Soyeuse & Carita Make-up remover

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  1. Sami lepi izdelki =) Merry Berry je meni taaak huda kolekcija, vse bi imela =D MAC šminko ti pa zavidam, mi je ful žal, da v Španiji nisem imela več časa, da bi izbrala eno, na hitro pa to ne gre =P
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Res je luštna kolekcija..sem se odpovedala ostalim izdelkom, ker res nič ne rabim oz. itak ne bi uporabljala :P Še to kaj sem izbrala, bom čuvala..
      Ja za MAC šminke si morš vzet čas.. jaz sem si 45 minut :D Ampak sem vsaj vedla da hočem eno vsakodnevno..pa še to sem jih menda 5 sprobala na ustnicah ^^