January & February Beauty Haul 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi girls !

It's been a while since I've done monthly haul. I posted many hauls from trips but in January I shopped a bit here and there. Why ? Well, there have been some amazing sales as well. And in February I also needed some essentials, so I put these two hauls together. If you'd like a review or opinion on any of these products, just let me know.

Once a year Lush has sales and I never miss them because you can get many goodies at 50% off. This year I shopped in Zagreb and then in Maribor, so I spend quite some money. I got two gift sets: Relax (contains: Twilight shower gel, French Kiss bubble bar, Ceridwen's Cauldron oil bath and Butterball bath bomb) and Joy to the world (contains: 100g of Santa's postbox soap & Dream Cream).
And then also something for bath: a Satsuma bath bomb wrapped in a scarf and a Star Dust bath bomb. From Christmas collection I also picked 250g of lovely Bubbly shower gel (review here) and small Snow Fairy conditioner. In Maribor I also got Each Peach massage bar, Eau Roma Water toner and Ocean Salt which is a must have. So I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

And here are some "essentials". I bought two Garnier deodorants and a Nivea Q10 Anti-age hand cream because my hands have been so dry. Because my skin was really dehydrated, no makeup looked good on me, that's why I went to MAC and picked up a travel sized Strobe Cream hydrating cream which surprised me because it doesn't give me a greasy look and as a primer it really does hydrate (mentioned here). Rituals is a brand which we can't buy in Slovenia and because I loved Happy Buddha foaming shower gel too much, I repurchased it from Douglas.
Last purchase was kind of impulse buy. Müller had 30% off gift sets and even though we don't have a TheBalm stand in Maribor, they had this set of mini Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks. Definitely worth it because I can never use up any lipsticks and that way I can try many shades. You can find a review here.

And lastly some essentials from February. First of, of course Duchesse cottonpads, for removing my makeup. I've also repurchased Batiste dry shampoo for blonde hair because it's not as white as the other ones and is great when in a hurry. DM had a promotion when you buy one Nivea skincare item, you get a micellar water for free. So I bought only a Q10 mask, funny right. Plus I got a mini Nivea Q10 hand cream, just to keep in my bag. And the last purchase might be "bloggers made me buy it". Because all the girls have been purchasing these L'Oreal Pure Clay masks, at the end I gave in and got it 50% off at DM. So far, I like it.

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