Empties #8

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello again :)
I'm here with another empty products post. I feel like I've accumulated a lot of empties again. When I was ready to take pictures of empty products, they just kept on coming, so I'm quite excited to throw these things away. I think next time I need to do this sooner. Let's read more about what I used up...

Oriflame Milk & Honey Softening Hand Lotion - At the beginning I was turned off because it smells like honey, because I don't like honey scents in any of my products. The texture is liquidy, however it instantly moisturizes your hands and sinks in quickly + it does leave your hands soft. I love the packaging - the pump is great ! The scent kind of grew on me and I liked this product at the end.
(Re)purchase: probably not (not my favorite scent + I got it as a gift).

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Repairing Lotion (for extra dry skin - with Nourishing Shea Butter) - I've had this for such a long time and finally I used it up. It nicely moisturizes your skin and is not too greasy, however it still takes time to sink into your skin. The whole claim: Moisturizes for 7 days is so fake. No moisturizer can do that. I did really like the scent.
Repurchase: maybe

Balea Mango Mambo Shower gel - A really yummy shower gel. I love mango scents, so this one was perfect for me. Balea shower gels are so cheap (1€) and they lather nicely and I forgot how nice they actually are. This one was a winner for me. Unfortunately it is a LE, however you can still find them in DM drugstore, but I have too many shower gels, so I shouldn' repurchase it.
Repurchase: definitely would (too many shower gels + it is LE)

Subrina Perfume Drops shower gel - Nice shower gel, however nothing special. The scent was ok, quite perfumed - as the name says. It did clean my skin well.
Repurchase: probably not (I like changing my shower gels all the time)

Gaia Creams Palmarosa & Thistle face and body cream - This was interesting. It was a nice thick buttery consistency and it wuickly melted when in touch with heat. It was nicely moisturizing. The smell was very natural, a bit herbal. However, I didn't think it was that special. Again, it was "gifted" to me.
(Re)purchase: nope (just because I'm not into those natural creams) 

Essence express eye makeup remover (Waterproof) - I've had this for aaaages, however I didn't use it a lot because I never wore waterproof makeup. Nowadays I do occasionally wear waterproof mascara, so this is a must. It is two-phased so you need to shake it up. It works amazing and is cheap. It only stings your eyes if you put too much on your cotton pad.
Repurchase: probably

Olaz Regenerist skin perfecting cleanser - I didn't particulary like this product. I got it together with my Regenerist face brush, so of course I used it up. It was really thick and had small beads which weren't too abrasive. However, the smell was just too off - it smelled like plastic or sth.
Repurchase: nope

Afrodita Young & Pure Purifying foam (face wash) - I'm not really a lover of face foams. This one was nicely refreshing and cleaned my face like all the purifying products usually do. I got it for free so I eventually used it up.
(Re)purchase: nope (not a fan of foam products)

Borotalco Invisible deodorant - Not my favorite one. It does the job, doesn't leave too much white cast, however when you spray it, you can choke on it - it is so strong (even more than Rexona). It just didn't impress me.
Repurchase: nope

Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Deodorant - Nice smelling deodorant, a bit fresh, but it had that powdery scent. I don't think it left any white marks on my clothes, however it was not good in the summer - totally didn't protect me from sweating or bad smell.
Repurchase: nope

Balea Young deospray Nasch Katze (mini) - Oh my, this was horrible. I bought it to keep it in my handbag. The smell was just so sweet and suffocating. I'm not one of those people who would spray & smell it in the store, so I didn't know what the smell would be like. Protection was ok.
Repurchase: nope

Essence My Skin Caring Cleansing Wipes - These smelled really nice, however they were'nt the best for removing makeup. At least I got them as a gift.
(Re)purchase: nope

New Zealand Volcanic Clay black head nose strip - I love nose strips. This one wasn't anything special, however it did the job.
Purchase: nope

L'erbolario Tiare shampoo - A really nice sample. For me it was enough to wash my hair once and was left with even spare. It was nicely clarifying and it left my hair smelling real nice.
Repurchase: nope (just because it's expensive)

Eubos Liquid Washing Emulsion (instead of soap) - A very mild smelling soap. Did the job great and it didn't dry out my skin on the hands.
Purchase: nope

Argan Oil hair oil - This is suppossed to be a Slovenian argan oil. It smelled really nice ! It worked nicely, like some hair oils do.
Repurchase: maybe

H&M lipgloss - I've had this one for such a long time. I like some of the h&m lipglosses because they can be quite nice. This one wasn't sticky or too watery + the brush was awesome !
Repurchase: maybe (but can't, they don't sell these anymore)

Labello Med Protection lip balm - I think Labello lip balms are quite average, however some of them can be really good. This was not the case. This did not moisturize my lips at all. I had to put it on and on and it still didn't work, plus the smell was just mehh.
Repurchase: nope

Essence Viva Brasil lip balm (01 Colour Parade) - The worst lip balm thingy experience ever. It had a nice pink color and it was really moisturizing, however it started crumbling because of all of the layers. Then I threw it on the floor and it broke and I fixed it and it still kept breaking. Horrible.
Repurchase: nope (was LE + it crumbled)


Duchesse cosmetic pads (x2) - These are just cheap and nice. I like using them so I keep repurchasing them, but I won't show them anymore because you might have seen them already in empties :P
Repurchase: yes (always)

Fresh & Clean makeup remover wipes - I like these. They remove my makeup well & they smell nice. Also the packaging is nice with that plastic top (+ I've seen these on sale a lot !)
Repurchase: yes, already have

Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Spray - My forever repurchased product. It has a great hold & it just works. Also I usually buy this on sale. For the girls who don't like the extra power & a bit of "hard to brush" hair, I wouldn't recommend this. However I usually spray this on and then quickly brush through so it looks nice & neat.
Repurchase: already have

Schaebens Peel-off mask - Oh my this smells so good - tropical. It is kind weird because it's a blue masque & it has shimmer in it. However I love it & it does it's job.
Repurchase: always

Nivea In-shower body milk (with shea butter) tester - I liked this scent & overall it was kinda better than the original one. I got these samples for free, so I'm using them up.
Purchase: nope (just because I really want that new cacao one !)

Duchesse Intimate wipes (x2) - I like these one when you're on the go. They are nicely scented and don't try out in that plastic.
Repurchase: yes

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Tudi meni je všeč tale Balea tuš gel :) Sem kar use vonje kupila in sem res zadovoljna

    1. pa še ful poceni so ! Ne vem zakaj jih en čas nisem kupovala :)

  2. super post. :D tudi jaz nenehno spreminjam svoje tuš gele, ko pa je toliko dobrih vonjev. :3

    1. ja, čeprav včasih pa rada kakšnega ponovno kupim :)