Fall / Winter Polish

Saturday, October 11, 2014

in another one of my fall series.
I've realized that actually I love wearing dark colors. They make your nails super chic and badass :D
There are also some light shades here. I know I have a lot of Essie nailpolishes, that's just because i don't like painting my nails too often and Essie ones last on my nails for a long time, so I only try to buy this brand.

L to R: Essie - Playa del Platinum, Catrice - From dusk to dawn, Revlon - Chic, Essie - Mind your Mittens, Licorice, Wicked, Toggle to the top

1. Essie - Playa Del Platinum
A nice beige color that doesn't make your skin look dead or clash with it. It has a bit of a grey undertone and I just love it. I don't like those pinky beige/nude colors. Manicure here.

2. Catrice - 200 From Dusk To Dawn
A nice creamy brown color with a purple undertone. It looks really nice and if you don't like brown nailpolishes this is a good alternative.

3. Revlon - 480 Chic
I know blue nailpolish is quite popular this year, so this one is a true fall blue color. I like it. Sometimes it looks a bit more gray.

4. Essie - Mind Your Mittens
I believe this one is from last winter collection, however I only bought it now because drugstore seems to still have it in stock and I really like the color. I've been into even darker colors this year and this one is perfect if you don't want to wear a black nail polish, because it is blue but sometimes it can look really dark. Also the formula of this one is great !

5. Essie - Licorice
I used to wear black nail polish all the time and then my "dark era" stopped. Now I'm again in love with dark nails, so I can't wait to wear this one. I'll make it looking chic and badass :P

6. Essie - Wicked
This one is just perfect for fall. A really dark red/burgundy vampy color.

7. Essie - Toggle To The Top
Ofcourse I can't forget about this one. There was so much talk about it last Christmas/Winter and it really is a lovely shade ! As you might have seen, I love wearing basic, creamy colors, however this one is different and I love it. It's like Christmas in a bottle !

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Seveda, toggle to the top! :) <3

    Ampak sta mi tudi prva dva zelo všeč (essie, catrice)

    1. naj se že ohladi, da začnem res take temne lake nosit :P

  2. Jaaaa temni odtenki <3 Same fajne izbire :)

  3. essie wicked je tudi med mojimi top za jesen. :D in essie blanc, fiji in perfect parka. ti ga priporočam slednjega. super lep. :))


    1. parka perfect je lep odtenek ampak mogoče ni za mene :)

  4. Super izbira :) Mind your mittens izgleda ful fletno :)