Empties #11

Monday, March 02, 2015

Hello !
Yes, finally another empties post ! It seems like ages since I posted last one. I was waiting to finish some more products and then I had 4 empties in a day, wow ! You'll see a lot of skincare, which I was so happy to use up since I seem to accumulate a lot of face washes, toners and creams. Also, I already have 3 products almost empty but this post is already going to be long, so no more waiting...

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical scent
My favorite Batiste scent - it's just so nice, literaly tropical, coconuty. I really like Batiste dry shampoos even tough they're not transparent, so they still leave a white residue, however they're kind of better than all the other ones. I tend to buy them on Asos.com especially when on sale.
Repurchase: already have

Schwarzkopf Taft Power hairspray
Really powerful, strong-hold hairspray. When I need something strong for my hair I always reach for this one. But beware it can stick your hair together.
Repurchase: probably

Schwarzkopf Taft Perfect Flex hairspray
A really nice hairspray. Almost doesn't stick your hair together, leaves it soft and it smells really nice.
Repurchase: probably

Subrina Recept shampoo for greasy hair
A nice shampoo for oily hair. It really cleanses and removes all the oily and nasty stuff from your hair. The smell is a bit weird, however I think they've also repackaged and reformulated this products so we maybe I'll try that one.
Repurchase: maybe

Afrodita Cosmetics Young & Pure refreshing toner
This was a nice, refreshing toner. I can't say much about it other than it felt nice, didn't tighten my skin and had a really refreshing scent. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: maybe

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER cleansing face gel
Another free product. I didn't like the weird medicinal scent. It was a nice face wash, leaving my skin clean and a bit fresh, however it wasn't anything special. I liked the packaging tough. I still have one left so I don't know if I'll give it to someone or eventually use up. Mentioned here.
Purchase: no

Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Phase cleansing foam
I love the scent of entire Clean Phase line. This foamy cleanser was creamy and it cleaned my skin very well. The only thing I noticed is that in winter time it left my skin dry, other than that it works nice. Review here.
Repurchase: no (just because I prefer their cleansing gel from the same line)

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
I've compared this one with other micellar waters. It is a nice one, not too expensive and works great. The packaging is not the best but whatever. Also you can usually find it on sale.
Repurchase: already have

Bioderma Sebium H20 Micellar Solution (for mixed/oily skin)
This one for oily skin is awful. It stings and sometimes leaves your skin really dry. It's just too average for such a price. Review here.
Repurchase: hell no

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-free moisturizer
A decent face cream. It's not oily which is good, however it is nothing special either as it doesn't have a particular scent and it is not really moisturizing. I prefer GreenLine face cream.
Repurchase: nope

Shiseido Ultimune Serum
I really like this serum. It is expensive as hell, but I've accumulated a lot of these testers so imma enjoy it. It is really light-weight, hydrates your skin and leaves it a bit softer and nicer.
Purchase: probably not (will try to find something similar for cheaper)

Nivea Cream Face Wash for Dry - Sensitive Skin
A really lovely creamy face wash. I totally recommend it if you have dry skin. I used it when I was sick and my nose was totally dry and flakey. It smells like original Nivea cream which is lovely and it is moisturizing.
Purchase: maybe

Vichy Normaderm Total Mat (anti.shine, anti-humidity fresh hydrating gel)
This is my all-time favorite mattifying daily cream. It's hydrating, however it totally mattifies your skin. I like the fresh smell and you don't need much.
Review here.
Repurchase: yes !

Garnier Moisture Match 24H Mattifying fresh cream
I received this one from another girl, just to try out since she apparently didn't like it. I loved the refreshing smell and feeling, however it wasn't mattifying at all. It was hydrating, mostly.
Purchase: no

Balea Shower gel Shining Kiwi
I bought this shower gel because it smells so much like kiwi's - it's just nice, fruity and you can't notice the shimmer. Balea makes nice shower gels.
Repurchase: no (have to get through all my shower gels)

Nuxe Reve de Miel hand and nail cream
I talked about this hand cream here. I hate the scent, though the texture was lovely and it left my hands moisturized and soft. Just because of the scent and price I wouldn't buy it.
Repurchase: no

Mama Mio Boob Tube
Review here. It was a nice creamy lotion and it made my decolletage look nice, healthy and moisturized, however it was not that special or effective because my boobs are small haha.
Repurchase: nope

Mama Mio Super-rich Body Cream
Loved this stuff. A really nice, thick body cream. It totally moisturized my very dry legs. It is really expensive, so maybe I'd rather buy Lush body lotions. Review here.
Repurchase: not sure (too expensive and also I have a big stash of body moisturizers)

Jasmin Girl intimate wipes
These ones were ok, nothing special. Didn't feel like they were refreshing enough and also weren't really wet.
Repurchase: nope

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation - 50 natural
A nice creamy foundation which turns into powder on your skin. It mattifies for an hour or so, however the color selection is not great.
Purchase: no

GreenLand Fruit Emotions Shower gel - grapefruit-ginger
I already talked about it and I hated the smell. This sample was not enough to test it properly, so I would say it is nothing special.
Purchase: nope

Chilly intimate wipes - fresh formula
These were weird. They smell like menthol and FEEL like menthol, literaly. When you use them you feel a cooling sensation down there and it totally freaks you out. You have to get used to them, however they are so strange.
Repurchase: nope

L'occitane Arlesiene beauty milk
Usually I don't like floral scents, however this one was different and lovely. The texture was milky but hydrating.
Purchase: no (I have an enourmous stash of body moisturizers)

Afrodita Cosmetics Young & Pure Calming Pores Minimizing refreshing mask
This is one half of a mask. I really liked it. Nicely refreshing and hydrating, however I didn't notice any change in my pores.
Repurchase: maybe

Cadeavera anti-shine mattifying papers
I like these ones. Cheap and effective. I like carrying them around in my bag to blot my face.
Repurchase: probably

Ebelin Cotton Swabs
Nothing special, just normal cotton swabs.
Repurchase: maybe

Leaders Insolution Aqua Dressing - sheet mask
I find these sheet masks really funny. It was really like a thick gel which you would put on your face for up to half an hour. I loved this one. Really hydrating ! It was like you splashed your face with water and it sank im immediately. Also after removing it, I massaged my face.
Purchase: don't know where

Vichy Normaderm - global anti-imperfection hydrating care
Also love this hydrating face cream. It is mattifying but I prefer Total mat.
Purchase: no

CadeaVera Make-up remover wipes for normal skin
These were nothing special. I struggled with removing my mascara but other than that they were nice. However, the smell was really nice and refreshing!
Repurchase: maybe

Signal White Now triple power toothpaste
I don't usually talk about toothpaste, however this one is amazing. It's really blue and it immediately whitens your teeth. The effect is not long term but I just like how it works.
Repurchase: already have

Essence Studio nails - nail polish corrector pen
A really handy tool. I use it when I paint my nails because always some nailpolish gets somewhere else than your nail. I've used 2/3 of it and then haven't painted my nails for 2 months and it dried up unfortunately.
Repurchase: already have

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub
Loved this one. It's probably my third jar of it. I love the smell, also the taste and how it works on my lips: it really does remove all the dead skin.
Repurchase: yes (maybe other scents firstly)

EOS lip balm - Summer Fruit
I already talked about this one as well. A much as I love design, I hate how expensive it is for what you get. It is just average lip balm, not really nicely moisturizing. Also, when you're about to finish it, it is hard to apply on your lips.
Repurchase: no

Figs&Rouge Lip Butter - Vanilla & Pistachio
Absolutely hated this lip balm. The smell was a bit weirdly sweet, which wasn't the worst. The actual lip balm didn't do anything to my lips: no hydration..nothing. At the end the cap broke off so I won't bother sticking my finger into it and using it.
Repurchase: nope

Essence TE Viva Brasil lip balm (02 Ola Brasil)
This was a nice one. As all Essence lip balm, this one was nicely moisturizing as well. The only bad thing about it was that it had a blue circle in the center so your lips would literaly look blue, so I used it at home.
Repurchase: nope (can't - limited edition)
Farmona samples
Review here.
I'd maybe purchase: either one of body butters because they smell so good, other ones were just average and not for me, however I can't judge by just one use.

p.s. Ne pozabite na giveaway, ki se odvija na blogu.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. super post. :D Meni je pa tale garnier matt krema za obraz zelo odgovarjala.. odvisno do tipa kože očitno :)


    1. sej meni je všeč kako vlažilna je, ampak res ni nič matirala :D

  2. Meni je Taft Perfect Flex sprej tudi super, ponavadi ne maram sprejev, ker mi zlepijo in obtežijo lase, ta pa je res fajn.
    Se pa strinjam glede Bioderma micelarne, za to ceno je grozna pa res draži kožo. :/
    Moram pa obvezno probat tole zobno pasto. :D Super, da si jo vključila zraven.

    1. ja res je fajni :) ko mi drugega zmanjka, ga bom verjetno kupla :)
      ja, pa zdaj ko imam bolj dehidrirano kožo je bila še bolj agresivna..enkrat sem si očistla makeup in me je koža tako srbela pol, ker mi jo je čist izsušilo :(
      hehe, ja vključla sem jo, ker je blogerka Katarina spraševala, če poznamo kaj za beljenje zob in mi je tale instant zobna pasta res super, čeprav ni poceni ..itak je pa ne uporabljam skoz (npr. zvečer itak ne)

  3. Točno vem, kaj misliš pri teh Chilly robčkih. Jaz sem po fantovem priporočilu kupila intimno milo, but never again. Grozno mi je bilo. :/

    1. joj ne vem kdo si je to zmislil, da da mentol noter v intimni izdelek :S. na srečo nisem imela intimnega mila.