Makeup Empties #3

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hi girls.
It's been a while since I've written a makeup empties post (see others here), of course because makeup is so hard to use up if you have so many options. I also did a bit of clear out and threw away some makeup which was way past the expiration date or was limited edition, so it's not worth a mention. Besides that, I'm always working on using up products, however I still buy too much makeup to be able to reduce my makeup collection.

Deborah 24 Ore Absolute Volume mascara
I've talked about this mascara in my disappointing products post. The packaging is horrible as it doesn't wipe off excess product and then you are left with too much mascara on the lashes which results in clumpiness. It's nicely volumizing, however too clumpy and it likes to smudge.
Repurchase: no

L'Oreal False Lash Wings Butterfly Intenza mascara
I really liked this mascara. It gave me a dramatic look with very fluttery lashes. It was volumizing but lengthening and separating - all at the same time. The wand is a bit tricky as the sides have different length, however on me it just worked. You can find a review here.
Repurchase: maybe

Essence Get Big! lashes volume mascara - waterproof
This mascara has a big, classic looking brush which I normally love but I just didn't get along with the formula. It didn't do much to my lashes: no volume or much length. That's why I didn't use it much. I feel like waterproof formula mascaras are usually quite bad on my lashes and don't give me any effect.
Repurchase: no

Max Factor Velvet Volume mascara
Another favorite of mine. This mascara has a plastic brush with separated pieces, so it really separates the lashes. Because I like to apply my mascara very close to the root of my lashes, the brush bothered me just a bit sometimes because I could poke myself with plastic bristles, however I was still careful enough. The formula was very volumizing and I just liked it. Plus it didn't smudge on me. See it in action here.
Repurchase: yes

Lush Eyes Right mascara
This is a mostly natural mascara. Most girls who have tried this mascara, would agree that the packaging is a failure. The actual brush cannot reach a bottom, so even if you use it regularly, you will end up wasting a third. I somehow do like the formula, which is volumizing and lengthening in a natural way, however it is still visible. For a more visible look, you have to apply it a few times. I love the brush as it's quite separating and it doesn't clump up. Plus it was very long wearing on me. I mostly recommend it to girls who have really sensitive eyes as it contains good ingredients.
Repurchase: sadly no

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix - fixing spray
First of all, I hated the smell of this spray as it is so chemical and unnatural, it makes me choke. The spray itself was ok and prolonged the wear of my makeup a bit. Though I would not recommend it. I know UD All Nighter is expensive, however I love the spritz on that one and I can really see the difference, so you might want to splurge and buy that one instead.
Repurchase: no

Revlon Colorstay - 150 Buff (mixed to oily skin)
This is my favorite foundation of all time. Though they've changed the packaging and "watered it down" just a bit, so it gets out easier. I've used up my last old packaging. It is just such a nice medium to full coverage foundation and it stays put throughout the day on oily skin. The shade: 150 Buff is good for me since it has a yellow undertone and is great for pale skin. I've been trying to find another great drugstore foundation but I found only one which would be ok for me when I need a 12 hour wear - Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation. Any recommendations are always welcome.
Repurchase: always

Deborah Age Reset
This concealer was just ok. The formula was a bit on a drier side so it needed quick blending. The shade 2-rose is a bit too rosey for under the eyes but I somehow managed to make it look normal.
Repurchase: no

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cover Stick
This was an ok concealer. Sadly it was a bit dark on me (porcelain skin problems), but I did enjoy the coverage it gave me. Plus because it contains Salicylic Acid, it worked as an anti-spot treatment as well.
Repurchase: no (too dark)

Rimmel Stay Matte - 004 Sandstorm
This is my all time favorite pressed powder. It's great for oily skin and is not too visible or cakey. I've used many shades in the past, from translucent to 003 and now even 004. To be honest I don't see much color payoff to it, so even this darker shade wasn't obvious on my face. Though in colder months it might have darkened my foundation just a tiny bit. Still a fave and I totally recommend it. More products for oily skin here.
Repurchase: always

Essence Kiss Care Love lip balm
I've bought these before, somehow always when they're on sale for 1€. The texture was a bit sticky, however sometimes I like that because it makes the balm stay on for longer. Though it was just ok for home use.
Repurchase: yes, if I could

Essence lip balm - 01 My sweet spring melody
I do enjoy some limited edition lip balms from Essence and this one was very lovely. It had a nice thinner but a bit hydrating texture so it was perfect for under the lipsticks. And mostly I loved the amazing fruity scent.
Repurchase: maybe no

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  1. Amazing photos dear, I love your post and blog ♥

    Have a nice day, Kristina ♥

  2. Jaz ugotavljam, da mi je Colorstay od Revlona všeč predvsem v toplejših mesecih, se mi zdi da mi čez zimo ni niti približno odgovarjal tako kot zdaj. Sicer pa so mi za čez poletje fajn tudi BB kremica od Vipere. :)