London Haul - May 2017

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Hi girls.
In May I visited London. It was on top of my wishlist and finally it happened. Also my first time flying (shocker right?, however I've been to many cities by driving, such as Paris, Barcelona...). All went well and I got to explore many monuments, surroundings and all those famous places in London. Shopping was a must, so one day we did that as well. I didn't want to spend too much, but try things that I really want. Lots I could order online, however it's better to see them in person. You'll see many items are small sized and that's because I travelled with carry-on only. This way I couldn't buy that many liquids and to be honest I'm quite happy about that because I was restricted from going crazy in the shops. I visited the Deciem store, which was quite empty to be honest - everything I wanted was out of stock, so I decided to wait and order it online one day.

I went to an actual Rituals store and the girl working there even offered me a small cup of tea which was lovely. I opted for a foaming shower gel in a relaxing scent: The Ritual of Sakura. Also I was given a small sample of sunscreen. Soap & Glory is a must when in England. You can find it in Boots and they usually have nice offers (3 for 2). Their original scent is amazing and I love Clean On Me shower gel. Also as a bonus I chose a body butter.

Every time I think of Lush stores, I remember of a lovely scent in there. And oh my, the biggest store on the Earth is actually in London and it has an even stronger scent. It was a bit unbearable, however I did choose some little bits. Firstly: Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb is a new lemon scented bath bomb, at the moment only available in Oxford Street. Then I chose a fruity Plum Rain shower gel as it was cheaper than in Slovenia. Another exclusive product is Orange Flower - an orangey tinted lip balm. And then I also bought a small Charity Pot.

From Selfridges I got a Nyx Butter Lipstick in the shade: Snow Cap and Eye shadow base in a white shade, so I could make some of eyeshadows more vibrant. Of course I wanted and needed Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, however being clumsy me, I chose the Corrector  - Lemon (brightening one - with yellow undertone) which is new. I'm quite sad about that, however I tried it and it ok for under the eyes to color correct. Also Rimmel Stay Matter powder is a must have. I got it in a translucent version this time. 

UK is also a home of The Body Shop. While I can get it in Austria, I just wanted to stock up on Shade Adjusting Drops - Lightening as they were a bit cheaper there and I use them all the time. In Boots you can also find many MINI versions of Benefit products, so I opted for: Bad Gal Lash mascara and Rockateur blush.

In UK, you can get your hands on all Zoeva products in Selfridges. I didn't know what to expect when going into that store, however it was magnificent, shiny oh-so-luxurious. So naturally I was really overwhelmed by all the expensive brands (Charlotte Tillbury, Marc Jacobs, Loubotin...) which I'd love to try, however I just couldn't choose one product, so I just watched and took it all in. I found this Cocoa Blend palette which I wanted because of the warm tones - it will be perfect for spring/summer. 

And when waiting for a plane at Gatwick airport I went through World Duty Free shop and chose this lovely set of Clarins products (Perfect Beauty Essentials) for only 30€. I'm not sure about the concealer since it's a darker color but I'll make sure to try every other product.

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  1. Oo sami super nakupi. Mene tudi zelo mika London:)

    1. Sej je ful tipično, turistično mesto.. ampak vseeno zelo zanimivo in vredno za pogledat :) Sploh je fajn če stanuješ v eni soseki malo izven Londona.. Nama je blo zlo všeč, ko sma vsak dan šla peš na podzemno itd :D Edino je kr drago...
      Imaš pa na voljo vse kar si lahko poželiš :)

  2. Jao Simona, eno Charlotte Tilbury bi pa lahko vzela. Ampak verjamem da je bilo overwhelming - tudi meni takrat in te je kar malce strah v tisti veliki zgradbi :)

    1. Mah, noben odtenek me ni navdušil...niti Pillow Talk, ko ga tolk omenjate :D
      Ko bom si enkrat nekaj res zaželela, si bom naročila :)

  3. Glede na to, da si imela ročno prtljago, je to kar lušten haul. :D delaš mi skomine, haha.

    1. Sem kasneje ugotovila, da bi še kaj spravla noter, ampak nekje more biti meja in škoda toliko zapravljanja, ker rabim kar nekaj časa da vse preizkusim :D

  4. Ohhh super nakup! Najbolj me pritegnejo Lush izdelki, res moram v kratkem v nabavo.