Makeup Empties #4

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Hi girls.
It's been a very long time since I posted makeup empties. Well, makeup these days is so hard for me to use up since I get to try so many new things. Still I love doing my makeup and use as many of my old favorites as I can because using something up is so satisfying. It seems as I've used up all of my favorite old mascaras. Also I spring cleaned so I threw away quite some old products, which I don't have a picture of.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie - Waterproof
This is one of the worst mascaras ever. It didn't do anything to my lashes, except coat them a bit with black color which wasn't that great either. I just didn't get any volume out of it. So I ended up just storing it for unknown reason.
Repurchase: nope

Collistar Shock Mascara
This mascara made my lashes look a bit clumpy, but in a good, volumizing way. The effect was a bit different, as the name says "shock". It was nicely volumizing but it did not impress me as much.
Repurchase: not sure

Pupa Vamp! Mascara - 400
I really loved this one. It was my first purple mascara and it looked so amazing. It gave me much volume an some length as well. But what I loved the most was the purple color because it complemented my green eyes. And the color really shows up on the natural light (not as much under artificial lights). I really need to repurchase it one day as I loved using it on daily basis. Sadly it dried out quite quickly which meant that it crumbled easily towards the end.
Repurchase: yes

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess
My all time favorite drugstore mascara. I've used a couple tubes of this one and I still love it. It gives you a lot of volume and amazing separation. It is very black so the finish look is amazing. I only dislike it when it's very fresh and a bit too wet. And on me it doesn't smudge at all which is great.
Repurchase: yes

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash mascara
I loved this mascara. It was my first one from MAC and it surprised me. The packaging was designed so that you would have two in one mascara: a thick wand (for volume + dramatic look) & a thin wand (for some length + natural look). I loved how thick and volumized it made my lashes look. Plus it was super black so my lashes looked amazing. And when I just wanted to separate my lashes a bit I would use a thinner wand.
Repurchase: maybe

Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara
And another one of my favorite mascaras ever. It has a plastic brush which I seem to love as it separates lashes very well and coats them evenly. This mascara was very volumizing and my lashes looked perfect afterwards. Plus it was long lasting.
Repurchase: yes

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
I wrote about this one in my disappointing products post. At first it just did not impress me. The volume effect is good but nothing outstanding. It separates the lashes and all, but it is just missing something extra. I still enjoyed using it till the end.
Repurchase: not sure

Essence 50's Girls Reloaded Translucent Loose Powder
Yes this translucent powder is quite old, however I didn't open it when I bought it because it was a stock up. I absolutely loved it. It smelled like vanilla and now I'm wondering why doesn't any company scent their powder - it can be so lovely. It was great for setting makeup and making it last all day. Though I'm not sure if it showed up on flash since I wore it only during the day.
Repurchase: yes, if I could

Farmasi Silky Touch Compact Powder
I loved the very fair shade of this powder. And it seemed to keep my skin matt for a long time, also with some coverage. Though sometimes it could look powdery. I loved the packaging: under the powder there was a compartment with a small sponge and huge mirror which was perfect on the go. Yes there's a bit left inside but it's almost empty so I wanted to feature it anyways.
Repurchase: maybe

Revlon Colorstay - 150 Buff (mixed to oily skin)
This is my favorite foundation of all time. Though they've changed the packaging and "watered it down" just a bit, so it gets out easier. I've used up my last old packaging. It is just such a nice medium to full coverage foundation and it stays put throughout the day on oily skin. The shade: 150 Buff is good for me since it has a yellow undertone and is great for pale skin. I've been trying to find another great drugstore foundation but I found only one which would be ok for me when I need a 12 hour wear - Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation. Any recommendations are always welcome.
Repurchase: always

Vichy Normaderm BB Clear
I really wished I'd love this product but it didn't impress me that much. I love the Normaderm line as it is great for my greasy skin. The shade of this BB cream is quite ok, however it's still a bit dark on me than usual. But I mostly dislike the finish effect. Normaderm is all about eliminating oils. However they claim this BB cream will give you a shiny skin but it's suitable for oily skin. I don't know what they were thinking as with this product my skin would get so shiny in an hour that I could wipe off all the product with a tissue. Maybe I would like it if the effect wasn't so horrible and I'm still hoping to one day find a matt BB cream.
Repurchase: no

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - 1 Fair
British Youtubers talked about this concealer so much. And of course I had to try it because it was only around 5€. It was legit. Full coverage concealer in a very fair shade which suited me so well. I could compare it to more expensive products as this one is amazing. It's not great for under the eyes as it can cake up - it's thick. However it's amazing for covering up blemished and all imperfections.
Repurchase: yes (if possible)

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
I love this setting spray. I feel like the hype is justified because on me it does actually work. While it removes cakey or powdery look, it sets the makeup without making my skin tight. It prolongs the wear of makeup and there is less patchiness. Plus I love that the mist is really fine and you don't feel like you've been splashed with lots of water. It dries down quickly and I sometimes use it to refresh my makeup. The scent is mild and a bit artificial, though I don't notice it much. It is not a miracle worker, so if your foundation is bad already and doesn't last at all, this won't do any magic. It's expensive but none of the drugstore products impressed me that much.
Repurchase: yes

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss
Those were the days when I wore lip gloss constantly. I reapplied it many, many times during the day, however now I do the same with lip balms. Essence made my favorite drugstore glosses as they weren't sticky and had pleasant scent. I tried very hard to use this one up but it's too old now.
Repurchase: no

Revlon Lip Butter - Pink Lemonade
Another oldie but a goodie. These were also very loved among beauty community. And I like these kind of products. It's kind of a lip balm with some color in it. I liked the creamy formula and this shade left my lips with a nice natural light pink tint.
Repurchase: not sure

Golden Rose BrowColor Tinted Eyebrow Mascara - 01
This is my holly grail brow mascara. I've tried it few years ago when I received it in a goodie bag on a Beauty Blogger Meetup. Ever since I tried a few brow mascaras but none worked like this one. It has a tiny brush which lets you coat brows precisely. The color is a bit darker than my eyebrows but because of the grey undertone it matches nicely. It gives an appearance of thicker brows and defines them nicely.
Repurchase: always

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