May Beauty HAUL 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello again,
today I have on the "menu" another monthly haul :) I know I haven't posted any good stuff this week but life happened and I got busy, however I bought some stuff this month & also got stuff :P
Well now I realized I haven't been buying that many cosmetics and makeup this month, just because I am really trying to use up a lot of my older stuff, but I have plans for some purchases in a few days :P
Let's see what I got ... :) If you want me to review anything just ask ^^


Too faced summer eyes palette (yes it's fake but it has awesome pigmentation)
Essence Viva Brasil lip balm - Colour Parade & Ola Brasil !
(these are just whatever but I wanted some new "lip balms" and I'll use them up)

Models own polish for tans - Beach Bag & Sun Hat
Models own neon ice nail polishes - Bubblegum & Pink Punch
(I swatched Pink Punch here)

Feelunique order:
L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Redness SPF 12
(I'm thinkin about reviewing this product)
Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion Sun-Kissed Look (light)
(it does work but it's light - as it says)
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection
(just because feelunique had a nice offer :P)

Balea Golden Shine body lotion
(you've maybe already seen the demo on my instagram :) )


Pantene Intensive Repair shampoo & conditioner
(won on fb (blog) - Nothin' fancy. Really. by Živa)
Palmolive Cherry Blossom shower mik
(got it for free with my click2chic purchase & let me tell you it smell so good !)
Eye care cosmetics eye make-up remover
(got it for review purpose, you can see it here)

Rapid Bronz cream (preparing the skin to the sun - tanning programme)
(haven't tried it already but I'm really interested in it, also it smells nice)

Konad Nail Dressor Self Nail Metal Stickers - Silver
(got it in a giveaway)
Max Factor Miracle touch creamy blush - 09 Soft Murano + a nail file
Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow - Beige Pearl
(I like it so far !)

Gaia Creams: Palmarosa & Thistle Face & Body cream
(won it on a blog Small bits of loveliness by lovely Jana)

Vipera cosmetics package
(won the mascara, got other stuff for review purpose, you can see it here)

p.s. : Did you get any of these things ? :)

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  1. Joj, definitivno si bom mogla naročit te Models Own polish for tans za poletje :)

    1. Jaa ful so fajni :) Še razmišljam, da bi si kakšnega naročla :P

  2. Kje pa dobiš fake paletko me zanima?
    Laki, laki, laki....a veš da jih še vedno nisem naroč kar malo zadržujem!

  3. V čemu je razlika med temi models own lakci? Nič mi ni jasno (edino pakiranje je drugačno).

    1. polish for tans so kremasti neon laki, neon ice so pa pravi barvni neon laki :) (pa kao embalaža je taka motna, da bi se dlje neon barva obdržala)

  4. Heh, maš lakce pa šminke v isti kombinaciji : pink/magenta pa oranžno/rdeča :D

  5. sam super izdelki :)) lakci so mi ful ušeč :)

  6. Si že kaj sprobala kremico? :) x

    1. Ej na žalost samo 1x (ta teden bom eno svojo porabla in pol začnem s to :3). Se mi je pa zdela ful fajna čeprav ma res tak bolj naraven vonj :)

  7. Tale paket realtechnique copicev je ze na mojemu wishlistu po prebrani tvoji objavi pa sem dodala tud tele lusne models own lakce na wishlist :D

    Lahko mi sledis na: ;)

    1. Oo in prosim naredi rewiev od l'oreal cc cream ;)

    2. super !
      Bom nardila review, ampak naslednji teden takoj ^^