NOTD: Models own - Pink Punch

Saturday, May 17, 2014

This is what I have currently on my nails :3
Yesterday was such a gloomy day :S ... so I decided to finally paint my nails with this gorgeous NEON color. I ordered this one & also Bubblegum from (they're on sale, but Bubblegum is sold out) . This was my first time trying Models Own nailpolishes. This formula is not thick but when you put it on it is opaque and it dries quickly :) Also if you have longer nails you could put on three coats because the white on your nail tips shows throught :P
All in all I'm really satisfied with this color as it is my first neon nailpolish.
Under the lights it looks a bit more pinky coral, but under sunlight I feel like it is more of a true coral with an orange undertone.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Huuuuuud!

    Pa moj china glaze je res podoben! :D

  2. fuuul dober. :3 podoben mojemu china glazeFlip flop fantazy :))

    1. ne, ne, tale models own je prav neon in ni kremast.. china glaze ima kremaste neon odtenke kolko vem :D
      So pa "polish for tans" verjetno bolj podobni china glaze ^^

  3. Zelo lep odtenek:) Sploh za poletje:)

  4. Ne gre ga zgrešit, tako je živ (: Zelo lep.

  5. Ful je lep. Jaz bi tako na prvo oko rekla, da China Glaze nima podobnega odtenka, bi pa bil verjetno blizu mojemu Ruby Kisses Orange U Over. Ali pa še bolj GT Cosmetics No 2, ki sem ga dobila iz Grčije in je dejansko najbolj neonski oranžen lak v moji zbirki.