I love Peaches & Corals

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hi, lovely readers !
As by the title...I'm not going to talk about my favorite spring/summer lipstick shade obsession :3
Since maybe august 2013 I've been obsessing over peachy &coral lipsticks & over the past few months I've accumulated quite a few :) But I didn't include true orange shades, just because I only have 2 of them, but If you're interested - leave me a comment below ! (I'll maybe try to buy another orange lipstick)
Yes some of them are more on a coral side, but still kind of peachy !
I will give a small description about each one. Also all my swatches on the lips are on my bare lips so the color of my lips may be peaking out of the lipstick color :P (but that's how I wear them - I never put any kind of powder underneath)

SWATCHES ON MY HAND (for comparison)

After swatching lipsticks on my hand I realized they look quite similiar ! But when you put them on your lips it becomes obvious that they are all different (at least to me!). I'm not saying you need every shade just because I'm obsessed :D...You may need to consider investing into one shade :3 Peachy lipsticks can also be very wearable - I'd wear them every day :)

Essence longlasting lipstick - Coral Calling

This was my first Essence lipstick I bought. I really like the color, also it is creamy but not too much. It has that red undertone which I didn't like at first, but if you don't want to go all out with red or peachy lips, this is a good choice for an alternative.

YSL Rouge Volupte - Peach Passion

This is my favorite peachy lipstick, no matter what ! Because the packaging is nice and also the consistency of it - I just love it ! You can check my review: here.
(I bought it on feelunique.com & Slovenian reader can get it here for cheaper & no shipping)

Makeup Revolution lipstick - Divine

A very matt coral-peachy lipstick. The color is nice however it is quite drying but if you like matte lipsticks this one is nice in that matter :). Also the color it flattering.

Maybelline Color Whisper - 430 Coral Ambition

This one definitely is more like a colored lipbalm. It is very moisturizing but still leaves a sheer peachy color on your lips. However it is not very longlasting.

Makeup Revolution lipstick - Bliss

Very creamy & bright peachy shade. You have to be careful with this color because it shows every crack on your lips. However I like it because it really stands out on your lips and it is really creamy ! Also it can be an alternative for same old nude lips :)

Ingrid Cosmetics Wonder Shine lipstick - 301

This was my first peachy lipstick that started my obsession :) It is creamy but a bit drying too. The color payoff is nice but not the best. However I still like it. (I feel like it shows a bit darker on pictures)

p.s.: Tell me which one of these is your favorite?

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  1. mene je tudi prvi prepričal :)

  2. Tudi meni je prva najbolj všeč. (: Koralne barva na ustnicah je božanska.

  3. meni pa sta najbolj všeč 1. in 3. :) <3
    fajna zbirka, tile odtenki so res krasni za pomladni čas, čeprav jih jaz le občudujem na drugih, ker sem sama bolj nora na roza šminke. :)

    1. jaz sem pa glih obratno, ne maram rozih šmink :D čeprav tu in tam kakšno pink al bolj nude pink nosim :P

  4. Meni sta prva in zadnja najlepši <3

  5. thank you for good review. Same interest with you.