Review: BH cosmetics 10 pcs. Eco Brush Set

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today I decided to review one of my favorite brush sets. I don't own that many brushes, but I do own Synthetic 24 pcs brush set from BH cosmetics and a set of Real Techniques ones, however the one I'm going to review today I was impressed with immidiately.

BH Cosmetics says:
This sleek, Eco-friendly 10 piece brush set is made with all natural & recycled materials, allowing you to create stunning looks while protecting the environment! Each brush comes with soft, fluffy synthetic bristles, making it easy achieve a flawless makeup application. The naturally-dyed, lime green bamboo handles add a modern look to your everyday brushes and come with recycled aluminum ferrules. Each set comes in a soft linen case that will protect your brushes when on the go.

They DO NOT SHED at all ! Seriously, I've had these makeup brushes for more than 4 months and none of the brushes shed even one ''hair'' !  Comparing to black synthetic BH cosmetics brushes which do shed a bit. But these ones don't !
They are SOFT. I wouldn't say they're the softest makeup brushes (because I haven't tried other brands rather than RT & BH), but are really soft ! I recently bought Real Techniques brushes & I think these BH eco brushes are softer ! So that surprised me :)

The packaging or so called ''brush roll'' is very thin, but I like that because it is so small to store  & also very convenient for traveling !
The bad thing is that it does get dirty but because it's made of fabric you can wash it easily! :)
The handles are sturdy & I like how they are made from bamboo :)

Putting on makeup & blending it out is really easy with these brushes.
Eventhough the tips are "white" they are easy to clean !

(photo from: BH cosmetics online)

With every set you find a brush that you won't need or you didn't find in other sets. This one I mainly bought because there are many eyeshadow and small brushes so it is really convinient & I think now I use most of them ! I just think the powder brush is a bit too small for me - I'm used to huge powder brush I have from MUA.

Brushes I use the most: 2. Angled blush brush, 4. Blending brush, 5. Contour blending brush, 7. Flat shadow brush.

I would really recommend this kit for any makeup beginner or even anybody, because it has the most important brushes :) I like it more than the 24 pcs - black set of BH cosmetics brushes.

I hope this review was helpful !

You can get them here.
Unfortunately they don't stock these currently at

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Super ocena. Jaz bi imela ta set, ampak samo čopiče za oči, ker tistih za obraz ne rabim.

  2. Wow your recommended makeup brushes is great, its looks like the perfect set for the daily makeup routine. Thank you for sharing your blog with us!

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