Empties #12

Monday, April 06, 2015

Hello girls.
It seems not long ago I did empties post and again I used up a nice amount of products. Last time I think I waited for too long. I'm proud of myself as I have to make room for new products by using up all the older stuff. Not a lot of face products in this post, since my last empties had an enormous amount of face stuff. Let's see what I liked or didn't like.

Fa Frozen fruities Himbeer Daiquiri
I'm pretty sure they don't sell this one anymore since it was a part of "summer edition", however I still wanted to say something about it. The scent was really fresh with contents of raspberries and also it smelled a bit minty. It definitely is nicely cooling - perfect for summer, so if you can find anything similiar from Fa this year, I'd recommend it.
Repurchase: yes, if possible

Chilly Delicate Intimate Wash
I have another backup which I need to finish as quick as possible since it contains a dangerous ingredient: Triclosan. I'm always kind of confused if it's really going to do any damage to my body but I'll stop using it anyway. This one wasn't anything special either...I still prefer the one with antibacterial which leaves you really fresh and clean feeling.
Repurchase: nope

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish
Review here. This was a lovely body scrub. It wasn't harsh but it felt nice and the smell was yummy as well.
Repurchase: maybe
Subrina Recept Shampoo Against hair loss
I definitely noticed change in my hair by using this product because I started getting all those tiny hairs around my forehead and also on the top of my head. It doesn't have the best smell but it's quite nice. Also mentioned in my hair routine.
Repurchase: probably

Schwarzkopf Taft Invisible Power Hairspray 
I liked the smell of this one, eventough it's nothing special. It is strong but doesn't stick my hair together too much.
Repurchase: maybe

Lush Karma Kream body lotion
I was really excited to receive this lotion as I love Dream Cream from Lush. It has a really strong, bubblegum, fruity scent and is quite greasy but it sinks into skin while nourishing it well. I still prefer Dream Cream though, but this one is really good as well. You can see my review here.
Purchase: maybe

Afrodita Cosmetics Sugar Scrub for body
This was a really lovely body scrub. It is harsh but nourishes your body like crazy and leaves a nice moisturizing layer behind. I have to admit that I didn't use it a lot because I wanted to save it for colder months, so now finally it's empty. You can read about it here.
Repurchase: yes !

I love...Mango & Papaya body butter
Loved the buttery texture. It really nurished my skin, however I don't like this scent in this lotion form: I prefer it as a body scrub or a shower gel.
Repurchase: nope

Balea Hand wash (arzt seife)
This one is soap specifically made for frequent washing of your hands. It's also anti-bacterial. I definitely think it doesn't dry out my hands as much as other soaps and it's nice.
Repurchase: yes

Essence nail polish remover - Coconut & Papaya
Love this stuff. It's a nice nail polish remover but most of all it smells really nice.
Repurchase: yes

Nivelazione Dermatologocial regenerating cream for hands and nails
It was a nice hand cream with not too strong of a scent. Moisturized my hands but not as much as I would like it to. Review here.
Purchase: no

Chilly Intimate wipes with antibacterial
I loved the intimate wash from this line so I picked these. They were really nice, however again: Chilly contains Triclosan which is supposed to be dangerous for you.
Repurchase: no

CadeaVera Anti-Spot Cleansing wipes (Young)
The scent is really fresh and nice. They don't do the best job at removing my makeup but I wash my face anyways so sometimes I just want something to remove most of my makeup (at least on my face,maybe not on my eyes) and at that time these are very handy.
Repurchase: probably

Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Phase Eye Make-up remover
A really nice two-phase eye-makeup remover. Removes all the waterproof makeup and usually doesn't sting my eyes. I did start to wear waterproof mascara sometimes over the top of my usual mascara so this one was in much need and it's good. You can read more about it here. And big thanks again to Afrodita Cosmetics who spoilt me at their event a long time ago with full Clean Phase line.
Repurchase: probably

Schaebens Peel-off mask Oh my this smells so good - tropical. It is kind weird because it's a blue masque & it has shimmer in it. However I love it & it does it's job: helps combat all the oils by removing them off the skin.
Repurchase: always

Duchesse cosmetic pads - These are just cheap and nice. I like using them so I keep repurchasing them, but I won't show them anymore because you might have seen them already in empties :P
Repurchase: yes (always)

Santa's lip scrub
Love, love, love this scrub. It is different from all Lush lip scrubs as it is not that chunky: it sticks together in the glass bottle so it's easier to use. It smells like Coca Cola which is yummy. Read about it here.
Repurchase: yes, if possible next winter

Christina Aguilera - By night (EDT)
Love this perfume. I've been using it maybe for even 6 years and still I'm not bored of it. It's a really lovely, sexy, feminine scent. I recomment it all the time to everyone.
Repurchase: already have (big bottle)

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli EDT (sample)
Absolutely hated this scent. More about it here.
Purchase: hell no

Oriflame nail shield
This was just whatever, so I used it as a base coat but it didn't do anything to my nails except to color them lightly.
Repurchase: no

Makeup Factory Nail color - 199
This was a really nice shear pink nailpolish for everyday. My nails looked really nice each time I wore it. Other than that the formula wasn't the best. It finally dried up.
Repurchase: no

Essence Ultra strong nail hardener
I know I used to always use this one. I'm not sure if it really work, so I'll have to buy another one when I finish my stash of nail hardeners.
Repurchase: maybe

p.s. na FB strani mojega bloga se odvija Avon nagradna igra

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Imam tole intimno milo in mi je noro všeč.

    drugače pa top post :D vedno rada preberem, kaj priporočaš in kaj ne.


    1. ja na žalost pa ma noter nevarno sestavino..malo pogooglaj ..čeprav jaz tud ne vem al naj vrjamem v te stvari, dokler se nena meni zgodi na žalost :S

      super..mi je všeč, da rada bereš takšne objave :)