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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello girls !
Low Maintenance Beauty Blog tagged me to do this tag. Usually I find some beauty tags really boring but this one was really interesting and made me think what and how many brands I own :) I don't do monthly favorites so this one was perfect.
The point is that you choose your favorite cosmetics item for each of the letters in the alphabet, hence the A to Z name. Here are my favorites! And I'm sorry if these pictures are not as appealing as usual haha.

A - Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Phase Cleansing gel
Review here. I mentioned it many times however I didn't say too many things about it. I've used this product on and off for almost two years. It is just a normal cleansing gel for your face. What I like the most is the pleasant smell (can't really describe it)

B - Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical scent)
I've talked about it in my hair routine. Out of scents that I've tried this one is my favorite and it really does smell tropical without being over-powering. And also I'll keep repurchasing it.

C - Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
Can't say enough good things about it. It just has a nice consistency which isn't too thick, however it sinks into your skin really quick plus it has the best fresh smell of grapes. I just love it and have been using it sparingly since it's not that cheap. Have mentioned it here.

D - D&G Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino
Favorite perfume of all that I own. I featured it in my perfume collection. It is just fresh, really summery and I love it. It was a LE so you can get it only online at the moment.

E - Essence Silky Touch Blush (30 Secret-It girl)
Out of all Essence products I chose a blush because they aren't so talked about. They're really pigmented and last well on your skin. My other favorites are their lipsticks, face wash and hand cream. I guess this color of the blush is discontinued but you can find other gorgeous shades.

F - FA Vitamin & Power Vitamin C + Grapefruit shower gel
I couldn't find any other brand with a letter F, so i chose this one. I love the smell of this line of showergels. It is so refreshing, awakening and citrusy. And yes this one is quite new and is waiting for me to finish other shower gels. I do like other Fa shower gels. especially the scent: Cream & Oil cacao butter and coconut oil (it's really creamy and lovely), however some people may say that these are not anything special.

G - Garnier Fructis Vita Boost Fresh - Normal to oily hair shampoo
This one is new, however I've used it before and loved it. There are some shampoos that I also like but this one smells really good and cleans my hair really well. Also mentioned here.

H - H&M Eyepen (Taupe)
Another difficult letter. However, I love this eye shadow pencil. It's a gorgeous color (similar to Satin Taupe by MAC but in a pencil form) which you could wear on your own and I need to use it more often since you can't repurchase it anymore and it's probably expired.

I - I love...Raspberry & Blackberry body butter
Again, a difficult letter. I do like I love... products and this one surprised me. It came in a travel kit and I just stored it in my cupboard. It really it buttery and it nourishes the skin reall whiel. I've used up a mango & papaya one.

J - Johnny Orgazmus (Organics) Cacao Glow facial scrub & mask
This is not my favorite product, however I don't have anything else by the letter J. It's a nice face mask but I still have mixed feelings about it

K - ...I do know of some K brands, however I don't own anything.

L - Lush Dream Cream Body lotion
There are a lot of products that start by the letter L (L'occitane, L'oreal, La Roche Posay), however I love Lush products. This one was one of my first Lush products and I can't part with it. It is just an amazing body lotion ! Review here.

M - MAC Twig lipstick
This is a really gorgeous nude/brown shade. The formula is nicely creamy and I just love it. In combination with Soar lip liner it stays on my lips for a really long time. Review here.

N - Nuxe Reve de Miel
Mentioned in my 5 Favorite lip balms post. It really does wonders and is like a "lip" mask/treatment for over night.

O - Olaz  Regenerist Face Brush

I did a full-on review of this one, so you should check it out here. It is a really good face brush which nowadays I only tend to use when my skin is in a bad condition, however I should use it more often. Definitely recommend it.

P - Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask
I reviewed this face mask here. It is really lovely as it absorbs all the oils of the skin and it feels cleansing.

R - Revlon Colorstay foundation for mixed/oily skin (150 Buff)
Been using this foundation for more than 5 years now. I love it: it mattifies my skin without drying it out too much. This shade is perfect for my paler skin and it's full coverage - you could mix it with a cream if it's too thick for you.

S - Subrina Repair & Care Conditoner for regeneration of dry or damaged hair
A really good hair conditioner with a nice smell. It softens your hair and I've repurchased it several times. This one is almost full because I'm using something else at the moment. Mentioned here.

T - The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish
Out of all TBS products I've tried so far I really like this one especially for the scent - AHHH-MAZING ! I reviewed it here.

U - Another letter with no product...sorry

V - Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep
I would say that my ultimate favorite Vichy product is Normaderm Total Mat, however I run out of that one. Recently I was at Vichy launch where they presented this product and it's really good. You can totally notice difference in the morning !

W - Wet'n'Wild Lipstick Coral-ine
This lipstick is amazing. It glides on your lips nicely and the color payoff is amazing ! Also it stays on my lips for a whole day. I need to buy more shades !

Y - YSL Rouge Volupte: Peach Passion
Ofcourse I had to feature this baby. The packaging is just amazing. The color is totally me and I like how creamy it is. Review here.

Z - Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover
So, I own just a few Zoya products but I haven't tried them out yet, except this nail polish remover. It really is the best ! It removes your nail polish really quick with no problem.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. super post :D krasne stvari. vedno daš kakšen navdih kaj kupiti drugič.

    1. hehe :3 upam, da te ne silim preveč zapravljat :P

  2. O, super ideja za post :)

    Joj, jaz moram še sprobati Vichy, še kar čaka :D

  3. O, kak kul tag! :)
    Joj, pa tale D&G parfum noro diši. :3

    Aja, pa meni osebno je drugače to ozadje ful všeč, da ni tisto klasično belo. :))

    1. Res je kul tag...zato sem ga čimprej nardila.
      Ja ! noro dober je...meni original Light Blue sploh ni všeč :)

      no fajn, tud je lažje fotografirat na takšnem ozadju :P

  4. tole je pa en super post :D odlična ideja :D moram sprobati H&M Eyepen :)

    1. me veseli, da ti je všeč :) ..ti h&m svinčniki so pa trenutno v malo drugačni obliki in ne vem, če jih imamo pri nas :)

  5. Uuu zakon tag in kar nekaj dobrih izdelkov :)