Empties #4

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hello again with another empties post :)
I still have left some things almost unfinished, but then again everytime I write these kind of posts it seems like it takes me forever to write everything down :D I am happy to throw things out every month !
So if you're interested in my "trash" - beauty empties, keep on reading :) .. also I don't usually put deodorants in Empties but this time I did.

Labello repair & care lip balm - this is my favorite lipbalm, it is moisturizing & it also gives that nude and glossy finish on your lips, so it does leave color. But the important thing is that it does repair your lips (at least mine) Repurchase: already have
Oriflame Revelation mascara (green) -  I thought I would purchase a green mascara - a long time ago, so that it would compliment my eyes, but it was just ehh...I'm not really excited about Oriflame mascaras. Repurchase: nope (they don't even sell this one anymore)
H&M lipgloss (red) - The cap broke & it's kinda filthy now, so I'm throwing it out. But this lipgloss is really pigmented & I have a backup :) Repurchase: yes (they're cheap)
Maybelline colossal volume express mascara: This thing is the bomb. It does not clump, the formula is great, the brush is big and awesome. It is my all time favorite.
Repurchase: definitely (after I finish my other mascaras :| )
Essence lipgloss xxl shine: A nice lipgloss, however it got old & I don't really use lipglosses that much anymore :) Repurchase: already have (other shade & new packaging)
Bebe rose lipbalm: I kinda didn't like this lip balm just because it was a bit sticky, however that's why it stayed on my lips for a long time :) Repurchase: nope (have found better ones)

Ombia face scrub (Hofer) - the cheapest & nicest face scrub I've tried. It costs around 2€ and it smells like peaches or something similiar. It has big and small beads in it, but I think it is not that gentle (however that's why I like) Repurchase: alredy have
Lush Tea tree water (toner) - I just love this stuff, mostly because it is natural & it does refresh your face. It also helps get rid of all that nasty stuff on your face - pimples. It is a bit drying so I love it more for summer. Repurchase: already have.
Revlon Colorstay combination to oily skin - This is kinda love and hate relationship because it does cover a lot of blemishes on your face and it is totally meant to be for oily skin. The hate aspect: it does cake on your face. I think the alternative would be Catrice - all matt foundation (which I need to try !) Repurchase: already have
Manhattan SOS blemish stick - it did help with blemishes, however it has a strong scent & I don't think they sell these anymore. Repurchase: if they still sell something similiar.

Garnier body Intensiv 7 days body lotion in Honey- I've had this stuff for ages so I'm glad I've finished it. But it is a really nice body lotion, just don't get excited about 7 days thing (it is supposed to last 7 days on your skin), that's just advertisement. It does moisturize your skin well & it smells really nice :)
Repurchase: maybe
Palmolive Ayurituel spa hand soap - I included this because previously I had a shower gel & I think this smells really good ! It's refreshing but somehow flowery (something like that) Repurchase: maybe
Subrina conditioner for dry and damadged hair - Really nice thick conditioner & cheap ! I definitely liked this one but I'm eager to try different ones first :) Repurchase: yes
Rexona deodorant (clear diamond) - I like rexona deodorant, however they're just so white; what's up with that white cast ?!? I always almost choke on it when I apply it Oo. But it works :) Repurchase: yes
Revlon Charlie pink deo spray- This was also just whatever, it was too perfumed & didn't actually work, but it was kinda a nice smell. Repurchase: nope

Bruno banani Pure woman - I liked the smell, however I just got sick of it. It is a nice perfume, kinda frutiy but a bit floraly. Repurchase: nope
Lush Dream Cream lotion for body & hands - I LOVE this stuff. It totally helps with my dry skin on my legs ! (I really have that snake skin dryness on my legs -.-). Eventough it does not smell great it is awesome. I reviewed it here. Repurchase: already have
Christina Aguilera By night - Love this perfume. It is fruity but a bit flowery & sweet. Repurchase: already have

Duchese Intim toaletes - I like these one when you're on the go. Repurchase: maybe
Jasmin girl anti acne wipes - These smelled fruity & refreshing. However I don't think these are makeup remover wipes but if you're searching for something refreshing this is it. Repurchase: maybe

Love and Lemons, Simona

p.s. have you tried any of these?

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  1. super blog. :)) obožujem takšno branje. precej dobrih izdelkov, nekaj sme jih poskusila tudi sama, mi je pa tale labela od labello obup. :) meni nikakor ne odgovarja. :D


    1. mislim, da se v mojih empties znajde veliko izdelkov, ki so dobri, ker sem že tolk stvari sprobala, da vem kaj je fajn :P

  2. Morem sprobat ta Ombia scrub..Sem sprobala par stvari, ki si jih omenila (Garnier losjon, Palmolive, Labelo, Dream cream) in se strinjam s tabo, edino z Dream cream se nisem razumela, ker ni naredila popolnoma nič za mojo kožo :)

    1. meni je ful fajni tale piling glede na ceno :)
      aja škoda :P

  3. Omnia scrub moram tudi jaz sprobat. Maybelline maskara je pa meni med boljšimi ;)

  4. Zelo lep blog imaš! :)



  5. Maybelline mascara is deff my fave drugstore makeup too! It's called the Magnum mascara in Asia. the packaging is almost the same as yours. I wonder if it has the same formula:)


    1. oh, I searched on google and I think it is probably the same :) that's interesting how they rename a product in other countries :D