Swatches: Catrice LE Haute Future - Iridescent topper

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Today I wanted to share with you something new & sparkly.
Catrice says: The quick-drying liquid in a soft rosé-gold is applied on top of your eyeshadow or used as a highlighter for your body and face to intensify any styling.
So yes, I will try to use it elsewhere too :)

These are kind of liquid drops that dry to powder. I know some of cosmetic companies have already done these so I was really interested when Catrice brought these in their Limited collection. It has a pipette so you can poure it out. I usually put 1 or 2 big drops on my hand & then use my finger to apply it.
I won't ramble on too much, I'll let the photos speak. Atlhough I have to warn you that it was really difficult to capture the sparkle in the bottle & on my eyelids. But I'm super excited about this product & have been using it on it's own most of the time and sometimes on top of the eyeshadow.
Instructions: shake well before use & apply over makeup or on its own.

I hope you can still buy this product if you like it :)

Before & after shaking it


p.s. excuse my veiny eyelids :)

I hope you can tell from the photos how beautiful it is. It will become my everyday product :)

Let me know what you think ! :)

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. To pa je čist ista zadeva kot moj zlati topper iz Glamazona Catrice kolekcije, samo da je ta bolj roza. Super izgleda, vem kako dober efekt je to:)

    1. sploh nisem vedla, da so že imeli podoben topper :) Meni je predvsem všeč, ker je tekoč in zarat tega vse bleščice ostanejo tam kamor si jih nanesel ker se takoj posuši..pač lažje je kot pa senčilo z bleščicami :D

  2. Super izgleda, meni je žal, da ga nisem vzela, me je fajn pregovoril, da ga ne rabim. :/

    1. No moj fant pa noče z mano hodit po drogerijah haha :D

  3. Oo kako lepo izgleda...upam, da mi ga še uspe nekje najti :)

    1. probaj v kakšnih drogerijah, ko noben ponavadi ne hodi tja. V Mariboru tak vedno kje najdem te omejene kolekcije :)